Homeopathy a Good Companion to Chiropractic? Naturally!

by Patrick Porter - Date: 2006-12-29 - Word Count: 482 Share This!

If you're looking for a natural treatment alternative and a boost to your practice, homeopathy may be the answer. At least, so says Dr. Gill Gilly. The 83-year-old naturopath says he studied homeopathy in Europe after his "retirement" as a minister because he'd seen a little of what the natural healing method could accomplish.

"I'd seen great, fantastic results, and I wanted to know more about it," shares Dr. Gilly.

Gilly, who was born in a small town in Oklahoma, says their only town doctor was a homeopath who also did manipulations--thus introducing Dr. Gilly to natural medicine and chiropractic at an early age. That and other encounters throughout his life eventually led him to a new career in homeopathy. Because of his exposure to both homeopathy and chiropractic, he quickly saw how the two could fit together.

"The average patient today is always looking for the magic pill. They're used to taking medicine," explains Gilly. "The people who actually try chiropractic realize the adjustments and the treatments maintain their health, but they like to feel they're doing something, too."

Gilly says many chiropractors are aware of homeopathy's effectiveness, but don't realize how it can benefit their practice. That's why he sometimes comes out of retirement to conduct seminars that show DCs exactly what homeopathy can do for them.

"A lot of doctors have heard of homeopathy, they realize what it can do, but I try to give not just the background, but a really strong, working knowledge," says Dr. Gilly. One example, he says, is his workshop at the International Chiropractic Appreciation Mega Event (ICAME) in Las Vegas in January. "My workshop will help doctors understand how and why it works with them."

Another reason Gilly says homeopathy is such a good fit for chiropractors is that it isn't time-consuming or difficult...or dangerous.

"The average doctor today, whether a medical doctor, chiropractor, naturopath or dentist, concentrates on a specialty," he says. "That's why homeopathy is so good, because it can do no harm. It's never going to have a side-effect."

Dr. Gilly also says that, while chiropractic care can be effective for many conditions, homeopathy can bridge the gaps, such as joint pain from arthritis.

"People who have discomfort can get relief from the discomfort. Homeopathy can help a patient respond quicker to your adjustments. And, of course, that builds your reputation as a healer."

And, Gilly says, boosting your reputation as a healer can boost your practice to almost unheard-of levels.

"With homeopathy, you can support the treatment you're giving, and you can do it harmlessly and effectively. In fact, it usually surpasses the expected results of both the patient and the doctor. The doctor that uses homeopathy sees his practice go right through the roof," he says.

"When someone who has been to ten other doctors comes to your practice and starts getting results, they can't wait to tell all their friends and relatives. Within a very short time, it builds."

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