Revealing Review Of Baby Jogger Triple Strollers

by Sally Jones - Date: 2007-08-06 - Word Count: 323 Share This!

Are you looking for a triple stroller to manage your three toddlers or triplets? Then Baby Jogger Triple Strollers are excellent choice for you.

Phil Baechler, a local newspaper journalist, set up this Baby Jogger Company. When Baechler was going for jogging with his then infant son, he realized the need for quality strollers.

That's lead to design a distinct stroller favorable for jogging. It is 'The Twinner', the first jogging stroller from Baby Jogger Company.

The Company released the next generation of jogging strollers called the Baby Jogger 2 and the Twinner 2. Both models were great success.

All the triple strollers from Baby Jogger have fixed front wheels and 5 point harness safety.

Baby Jogger triple stroller's 16" wheels increase the strollers' ability. These triple strollers go easily on all terrains. So no doubt, these are excellent strollers even if you are a serious jogger.

Here are two reviews to prove it. These reviews are written on by mothers of three babies.

Catherine says, "We purchased a Baby Jogger triple stroller a couple of months ago for our daily walks. It is difficult to walk with three little babies. But this jogger is fantastic. The size of the wheels makes it easy to control, steer and ride smoothly. I also love the variety of colors to choose from. it's worth EVERY penny."

Eva says, "Buying this stroller was the best decision I made since I learned I was going to be a mother of triplet girls. It is very easy to maneuver and fits almost any door or elevator. It's well balanced and turns easily on a dime. We all love this stroller."

If you don't know which strollers are good, here are some best selling triple strollers from Baby jogger:

1. Baby Jogger Q Series Triple 16"/Navy

2. Triple Baby Jogger - Sapphire Stroller

3. Triple Baby Jogger - Red Stroller

Now that you've discovered lot of good things about Baby Jogger Triple Strollers, start hunting around for the right model for your family.

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