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"The modern workplace is almost totally dependent on telecommunications companies and professionals." Whilst this statement is incredibly broad, there is no doubt that the telephone, the Internet, and the ability to remain functioning around the clock are vital to corporate success. Telecommunications professionals help companies establish intricate networks of computers, cellular phones, and PDAs in an effort to maintain operations and reach out to new markets even when people are away from their desks; all in the interest of improving the ‘bottom line'.. This demand means that telecommunications workers are a hot commodity on the job market today. However, in order to leverage their talents to their best interests, telecommunications workers first need to consider strongly what the want out of a job.

Telecommunications professionals firstly need to assess their short and long term goals. Telecommunication engineers, designers, and managers are best advised to set manageable goals throughout their career and to appraise these when they consider a new job. The telecommunications worker that wants more freedom and input into the creation of new products should possibly work with a smaller cellular or data providing firm; those technically skilled workers who are concerned about money and gaining important corporate experience should work with larger telecommunication providers. In general, a review of short and long-term goals will highlight what a professional wants out of their new job.

Ultimately, the perfect telecommunications job is a matter of personal choice. Professionals in the field need to consider the status within the industry of any company for which they are considering working. For example, a design professional that is interested in growing with a small data stream provider may decide to follow another direction on reviewing the strong competition in the same market from similar companies. This is not to say that the professional should completely discount a company; rather that telecommunications professionals are so valuable in the economy that they need to consider optimising their talents by working with a strong company.

There are a number of other considerations for telecommunications professionals to make in finding the best job for them. Geographical location, which is becoming less important these days, is still important for those working at a corporate office. The possibility of future advancement and financial rewards is a necessity for most telecommunications professionals. Also, there may well be a consideration given by telecommunications workers to the ethics and public service aspects of a potential employer. All of these considerations should be weighed in the balance and a telecommunications professional is then able to be selective in finding the best job.

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