I Wrote Twenty Article Last Week, Do You Want To Know Why?

by Steve Hill - Date: 2006-11-10 - Word Count: 559 Share This!

For many years now I have been looking into the best ways of promoting a website. This has lead me down some dark alleys and has cost me a lot of money, most of which it has to be said has been wasted. I have listened to many so called experts on the subject and have been left frustrated a great many times. I was even about to give up on my dreams of being an online success but I then discovered the power and benefits of writing articles.

As you may have seen from the title of this article, I wrote twenty articles last week. The reason why I did this is quite simple, it is a proven way of attracting additional visitors to your website. I have been writing articles for about sixteen months and the results have been quite staggering. It works on the basis of obtaining one-way links to your site. Many people will tell you that the more backward links that point to your site the better and this is a great way of attracting these backward links. My main website (stammering-stuttering.co.uk) now has around twelve thousand links pointing to it and has reached a page rank of six.

There are long and short term benefits of writing articles. In the short term you are likely to gain traffic to your site from some of the people who read the articles. The websites that include the article on their site will also pass the page rank value from that particular page onto your site, thus giving you a slight boost up the search engine rankings. Over the longer term it only takes one or two of these sites that included your article to become authority type sites, and to reach a high page rank for your site to gain huge benefit from its increase in page rank. For example when a site decides that it likes your article and wants to include it on their site they are likely to build a new page for the article, this page will then have a page rank value of zero. After lets say four years this site may become a pr6 and the page rank will pass down throughout the whole site. The page your article appears may at that point be a page rank five or a page rank four. This now becomes a very powerful one-way link pointing to your site.

I speak to many people each week about web marketing and most of them have heard about article marketing as it is known. I hear so much negativity about it, comments like, I have heard it does not work because of duplicate content etc. How many articles have these people ever written? Answer, none. They should at least try it before dismissing it, but have a guess why they do not even do this, because they are too lazy thats why. Yes it is time consuming and even boring, on a personal basis it takes me about an hour and a half to write and submit just one article, but because I know it works and because I want to be a success, I am happy to invest my time in writing articles.

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