P90X, Hip Hop Abs & Slim In 6: Three Workouts To Match Every Fitness Goal

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Creating an effective workout schedule can be a daunting task. That is why many people turn to gyms and fitness centers for inspiration. With a roomful of shiny workout equipment and a schedule packed with Pilates, spinning and body pump classes, who can go wrong?

For many, however, a gym membership simply does not work. The monthly membership is too high, the gym is not conveniently located or their daily schedule does not accommodate gym fitness classes. Some gym enthusiasts also find that they want to supplement their gym routines with at home workouts as well. That is when people often turn to DVD sets.

Here are three of the most popular DVD exercise systems, P90X, Hip Hop Abs and Slim in 6 and what makes each of them different.


P90X is an intense 12 DVD system that incorporates a lot of different exercises like weight training, cardio, yoga and core training to keep muscles from hitting a plateau. The plan also includes a detailed fitness guide that can be customized depending on the user's fitness goals. For weight loss there is a DVD routine called P90X Lean that is heavier on the cardio. For those looking for extreme intensity, there is P90X Double that adds an extra hour of exercise on to some of the days.

A nutritional guide is the third component that really makes the P90X system different because exercise alone cannot transform a body! The P90X nutritional guidelines don't focus as much on weight loss as they do on building lean muscle. The recommended caloric intake is proportional to the intense workouts scheduled.

It should be noted that the P90X system is specifically designed for people who have already achieved a moderate level of fitness. It is an extremely intense program that could result in injury for anyone who is currently not active. This system also requires some equipment purchases such as a chin-up bar before beginning.

Hip Hop Abs

Hip Hop Abs is a dance-oriented workout program that focuses on tightening the abs through hip-hop dance moves. This is the perfect workout for people who do not have the patience for regimented crunches, sit-ups and leg lifts. Hip Hop Abs users say they do not even feel like they are exercising. The fast-paced dance moves have participants tilting, twisting and tightening their abs with noticeable results after just a few weeks.

The popularity of Hip Hop Abs made it America's #1 television workout. The Hip Hop Abs program now features additional DVD sets including the Hip Hop Abs Dance Party series which increases the intensity level of the workouts and the Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Results which sets the intensity bar even higher and includes weighted gloves and a calendar.

The fact that the Hip Hop Abs routines come in various intensity levels means that even a novice exerciser can find their right groove. And don't be fooled, dance moves may concentrate on the abs region, but with Hip Hop Abs, users will notice weight loss and sculpting all over their body.

Slim in 6

Slim in 6 is a complete diet, nutrition and fitness plan. The three DVD set focuses on cardio with resistance training to build lean muscle mass. It is not necessarily the workouts of Slim in 6 that make the difference. It is the whole package.

The Slim in 6 system provides users with multiple tools for changing their bodies. These include a fitness guide, nutritional guide, motivational calendar and online support forum. Three bonus materials included with the Slim in 6 system are an abs workout, a stretching workout and the 6-Day Express Diet Plan that includes a journal and shopping plan.

What makes Slim in 6 different is that it is truly a whole system, not just a workout. Similar to the P90X but at a lower intensity, Slim in 6 is obviously geared toward those users looking to lose weight and increase muscle tone without bulking up.

All three of these workout plans, the P90X, Hip Hop Abs and Slim in 6, have different things to offer users. P90X is an intense muscle building routine, Hip Hop Abs makes cardio workouts fun and Slim in 6 creates a well-rounded weight loss plan. With successful DVD workouts available such as these, we truly have no excuses anymore!

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