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by Steve Gillman - Date: 2009-10-27 - Word Count: 519 Share This!

The following funny ways to save money are meant to be just that: funny. They are collected from blogs, websites and the minds of twisted scrooges. My disclaimer: Meant for entertainment purposes only - Please don't try these at home.

Visit neighbors while they are working in their gardens and continue to compliment them on the great job they've done until they finally offer you some free vegetables. You can probably do this with several neighbors in order to spread out these foraging trips and limit them to one or two per month for each. Estimated annual savings versus buying the vegetables: $110.

Ask for extra religious tracts from the next religious zealots to knock on your door and then replace half of each restaurant tip with one. Annual savings based on eating out once weekly with an average tip of four dollars (before 50% replacement with that nice little booklet): $104

Accept the gift that all fast food restaurants offer you: packets of ketchup, mustard and other condiments. Have each of your kids take seven or eight extra before you leave and stop buying condiments for the house altogether. Have them take extra napkins while they are at it. Potential savings each year: $130

Pee in the shower once daily. Hey, you're there anyhow, and it goes down the drain. Based on a three gallon flush for the toilet use being replaced, you'll save 1,000 gallons of water annually. Multiply that by the per-gallon charge from your local water company or municipality to determine your annual savings.

Search lost-and-found departments at businesses, governmental buildings and other places and say, "There it is!" whenever you come upon an item that you need and like. To get the most savings with this strategy you have to focus on taking things that you would have otherwise bought, and not things like fancy umbrellas you never would have paid for. Also, be careful about day planners, books and other things that might have the name of the owner on or in them. How much money can you save in this way? That depends on your motivation level and acting ability.

Remove the downspout from your gutter so you can shower under the resulting stream of falling water when it rains. Based on a once monthly outdoor shower that saves you ten gallons of hot water this can save you at least thirty cents annually.

Cut open lotion and shampoo containers to get the last 20% that Consumer's Reports says is normally thrown away. Potential savings for your time? At least $1.17 per hour of effort.

More funny ways to save money? Teach the dog to beg neighbors for food. Visit friends right at dinner time to get free meals. Call long distance during lunch and leave a message so the other person has to return the call and pay for it. Wash your car by soaping it up just before a thunderstorm and letting the rain rinse it.

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