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Currently modern medicine has not yet been able to find a cure for asthma. Plus the drugs and medications that are currently being used can only alleviate the symptoms a little bit. The other problem with using traditional asthma medicines is that they can become addictive and after a while a person may find that their dosage will need to be increased in order for them to remain effective. However there are more natural ways of treating this condition that are neither habit forming or unlikely to cause any side effects. In this article we will be taking a closer look at some asthma home remedy treatments that asthma sufferers may consider.


This is believed to be extremely beneficial when used by asthma sufferers. There are people who believe that if you hold a jug of honey under the nose of a sufferer and then get them to breathe in the air above that has come into contact with it they start to breath not just more easily but are also able to take much deeper breaths as well. Normally a person using honey will find that it alleviates the problems with their breathing for about an hour or so after they have done the above. It is the alcohols and ethereal oils contained within the honey which are given off in the vapour and which soothes the asthma sufferers windpipe and lungs.

But an asthma sufferer can also use it by placing it in some milk or water and then drinking. Ingested honey helps to thin out the mucus (phlegm) that has been collecting in the respiratory passages and so makes it much easier for it to be removed. Plus this natural asthma home remedy is ideal as it can tone up the pulmonary parenchyma which then prevents the further production of mucus.


A person suffering from asthma should on a daily basis have some garlic cloves boiled in some milk (about 30gms) as a way of stopping the early stages of asthma from becoming much worse. Plus you could add some ginger tea and drink this both in the morning and at night as it will help further to keep the condition under control.

Mustard Oil

However a great asthma home remedy that a person should consider using when they are having an attack is by mixing some mustard oil with a little camphor and then massaging it over the chest. By doing this, a person is not only helping to make their breathing much easier but also helps to loosen up the phlegm (mucus) that has collected in the respiratory passages.

The great thing about the different asthma home remedy treatments suggested above is that they can normally all be found in a kitchen and if not are readily available through health food stores and supermarkets. Ricky is the online editor of an natural asthma treatment website. Visit his site today for more information on which asthma herbal supplements are effective in treating asthma.

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