Communication Baby Monitors Provide You with Extra Ears and Eyes

by DENNIS JAYLON - Date: 2007-06-22 - Word Count: 369 Share This!

Making a mom's work of monitoring her newborn easy, baby monitors provide her with some highly handy facilities. It is as if she gets a pair of extra ears; in some cases, a couple of extra eyes! With the help of a small, cute electronic device, she can keep a watch on her baby, though practically she will be away from it. Thus, it provides her with a pair of extra eras.

With the availability of video baby monitor, it is possible to watch your baby from a particular distance. While traditional audio and video monitor alerts you on the movement of the baby or let you watch it; sensor monitors alert you if the sensor pad detects no movement from your baby for more than twenty seconds. This type of monitor is capable of detecting even the tiniest of movement.

Sensor baby monitors can be used separately or with any other monitor. Sometimes it comes with night light and dimmer switch. This easily portable device is battery or mains operated with power-cut protection and ideal for home and travel. So, you will have the leverage to be vigilant on your baby yet, enjoy a peaceful night anywhere. The variety in types of baby monitors provides you with this freedom.

The device that builds bond between a baby and its mother and allows both of them enjoy peaceful moments has more than one manufacturer. Among them, mention must be made of Philips. For years, this manufacturer of electronic goods has achieved an impressive status. Now when it has brought baby monitors under its domain, once again it is successful in attaining worldwide acclamation.

Baby monitors from Philips are famous for customised functionalities and cute design. They have digital sound clarity and security. Some are enriched with Intercom, the function that allows parents to talk to their kid. Some of them have even lullabies recorded in them that they can play for a certain period of time.

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