Consumers Digest Vacuum Report - Reliable Or A Scam?

by Kristina Brown - Date: 2008-10-20 - Word Count: 593 Share This!

What type of features do you search for when looking to purchase your next vacuum cleaner? Do you look for a vacuum that is lightweight, has adjustable power and the ability to easily swerve around any kitchen cabinet or chair? The Miele Callisto Vacuum Cleaner contains all these features and more. After receiving numerous accounts of customer satisfaction and awards such as the "Consumer Digest - Best Buy," the Miele Callisto Vacuum is like no other.
Exactly what is Consumers Digest? Consumers Digest has been a trusted magazine to help better educate consumer on products for over 48 years. Consumer Digest is a guide full of information about how products perform and which product will be best for your situation. Consumers Digest offers reviews and suggests which product is best based on value, price, performance, and longevity in a large variety of categories including electronics, tools, and household appliances.
What is the Consumers Digest "Best Buy" Award? Consumers Digest defines a Best Buy as a product that offers outstanding value for its price and that merits special attention from consumers. It is awarded to nationally available products that Consumers Digest considers a great value in the marketplace. So it is no question as to how and why the Miele Callisto has won such a prestigious award.
What makes the Miele Callisto Vacuum Cleaner stand out from other Vacuum Cleaners? With features including unbelievable filtration and incredible cleaning ability the German-made Miele Callisto is truly a masterpiece. To be worthy of the Miele name, a Miele Vacuum has to pass numerous testing. Tests including pulling the cord winder in and out 20,000 times and hanging the vacuum upside down with a large amount of weight for a long period of time, ensures that this vacuum is durable and long lasting.
A lot of testing you say, well how long is the Miele Callisto supposed to last? The Miele Callisto, unlike many other vacuum cleaner that have an average life span of 6-18 months, is made to last anywhere from 20-25 years. You will see that the Miele Callisto does not compromise clean ability or filtering capabilities during its lifespan. To prove that the Miele will last a long-time, Miele backs their machine with a 7-year motor warranty!
What makes the Miele Callisto's filtering system stand out from other vacuum cleaners? The Miele vacuum picks up dirt and debris with ease unlike other vacuums that require you to constantly run over the same area to pick up dirt. The Miele Callisto also includes a variety of tools including the Power head, which gives you the ability to clean carpets effectively and easily. The power head also gives you the ability to easily clean edges of walls and furniture. Also included with the Miele Callisto is a parquet brush, which has a low profile and a knuckle that fully tilts giving you the ability to swivel under and around furniture and cabinets with ease. Standing out from every other vacuum on the market the Miele Callisto offers filtering abilities that are differential from every other vacuum on the market. The Miele filtration capabilities are powerful enough to remove asthma and allergies triggers from the air and the built in charcoal filter ensures your vacuum will always smell fresh and clean.
There is no vacuum on the market quite like the Miele Callisto Vacuum. With power, maneuverability, and style the Miele Callisto is one of a kind and its distinctive elegance is noted on the "Consumer Digest - Best Buy Award." To order a Miele Callisto vacuum for call 1-800-640-8227 today!

The Miele Calilsto is well-designed, durable, and powerful, according to consumer digest it is the "Best buy," To see why Miele Vacuumsbest fit your living environment no matter what it is, visit our selection of Miele Vacuum Cleaners.

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