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Spinner type lures have a shaft, split rings, a hook, a blade, a clevis, and a weight. They work in both clear and dirty water. The flash from the blade is the most attractive part, and indeed will make many fish from bluegills to muskies hit this lure.

There are four different kinds of spinner type lures: standard spinners, weight forward spinners, spinner baits, and buzz baits.

A standard spinner will catch almost all types of game fish and ranges in size from one inch to about eight inches. This type of spinner usually consists of a wait on the head of the lure and commonly consists of a single treble hook. Some may consist of a single hook, mainly because of fish snagging problems in salmon and trout tributaries. These spinners are usually reeled in a straight line, but can be "pumped" to put a more appealing action to the lure for finickier fish.

A weight forward spinner is mostly for trolling or drifting for small mouths, walleyes, and pike. They have a head at the front of the bait, which usually is lead. There are a couple of beads then a spinner, usually connected by a clevis. Last but not least, the hook, which is usually baited for more attraction and sent. This spinner "rig up" is on a straight shaft.

A spinner bait, which is used for bass, pike, and muskies, has a bent shaft and one to four blades. This spinner can have from one blade to four blades. There is usually a lead head at the "bottom" of the lure and a skirt around the hook, which is usually a large, single hook. There several ways to retrieve this lure: straight, pumping, helicoptering, or a combination.

A buzz bait looks a lot like a spinner bait, but it is reeled on the surface while the blade spins and makes noise and commotion on the top of the water. The blades look different, being bent at the tips in order to make more commotion. It catches the same species as a spinner bait will. Straight forward retrieving is the most commonly used, but pumping or ripping can be very affective.

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