World of Warcraft Gold Farming - Pearls of Wisdom

by Marcus Ty - Date: 2007-12-07 - Word Count: 384 Share This!

From The Journal of Marcus Ty - Gold Making Guide

Welcome Friend,

You have chanced upon a page of my Journal in which I have chronicled my time in the land of Azeroth and the labour bent upon a single quest. And that quest is for gold - World of Warcraft gold!

If you have tried leveling any of the professions, you'll soon find the need to lay your hands on some pearls. These items can make your fortune if you know where to find them. On this page I chronicle my time spent for the search of the elusive Pearl.

Pearls are used in many of the higher recipes of Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Leatherworking and Tailoring and thus trade for much gold in Auction House. An Iridescent Pearl, for example, will sell for 1-3g on my server, depending upon demand.

To decide if it's worth farming pearls on your server, search the AH for 'Pearl'; you'll soon see if there is demand by the low numbers and high prices.

But where do you find them?

As a general rule, pearls are contained in Big-Mouth Clams and Thick Shelled Clams dropped from many a fishy mob at various levels. These include Murlocs, Nagar and Turtles. They are also found inside Giant Clams, fished from the bottom of the seabed. You'll need to grind quite a few mobs to obtain just a few pearls - hence their value. One good bonus though is that the clam meat is widely used in cooking and can either be sold in the Auction House for gold or turned into yummy Clam Chowder or Goblin Devilled Clams increasing your cooking skill.

Why not make a day of it and plan a spate of grinding by the seashore. Westfall is ideal for the lower levels with an abundance of Murlocs and Crabs for the bashing. These will yield you clams and crab claws galore which can be used to improve your cooking and which fetch a good price at the Auction House. As a bonus, you'll net the occasional pearl into the bargain and level-up in the process!

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Remember, Friend, there's gold to be made from Peals so guard my secrets well, lest the Horde discover them and gain an advantage!

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