Designer Dog Collars Are In Style

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Are you one of those pet owners who puts a matching outfit on your dog? You know, a ruffled shirt or fancy shorts along with a matching ribbon in their hair. If this describes you or someone you know then you should finish the outfit off with a designer dog collar.

These dog collars can be made from a variety of materials but the most common is leather. This gives off a more formal look which is the biggest reason for buying a designer collar for your dog. You are going for a certain appearance or fashion statement, and this is hard to make with a cheaper nylon collar. Plus should you adorn your collar with diamonds or other fine jewels you will get better results by using leather. The only drawback is if it gets wet or soiled it will not clean up as easily as a standard nylon collar.

Even though a designer collar is primarily for looks, they are still collars and can be used for walking your dog. If this is the case you should look for one that has a standard quick release or buckle to attach your leash to, and one that is strong enough to hold up to your dog's pulling at all times. One thing to consider is that if you are embarking on training your dog or if they haven't learned how to behave on a leash yet, you should purchase a training collar as well. Your animal should be used to walking and obeying you on the leash before you put a collar designed for looks on them. The last thing you want is to have your rambunctious puppy pulling away from you and running into oncoming traffic. You should always think about safety before looks.

Expense can also be a consideration for buying designer versus more standard dog collars. Since the designer styles are typically handcrafted and adorned with jewels or fancy materials they will cost more than a comparable non-designer collar. Make sure that the collar is something that suits your dogs' personality or appearance before spending alot of money on it. You don't want to buy something that just doesn't look right on them or something that they aren't comfortable wearing. Remember that they have to wear this collar all the time so it shouldn't bother their skin or pull on their hair at all.

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