Financing Through the Car Dealership

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Financing through the car dealership offers some of the best options for both new and used car buyers. If you're looking to buy from one of the big three, General Motors Ford or Chrysler you can feel comfortable with their In House Financing programs to bring you the best benefits and low competitive interest rates that are available today. The Big three have been in the business of financing automobiles longer than any other lending source, and way before banks and credit unions branched out into this industry.

Year after year Financing at the Car Dealer has been the top source for millions of car buyers, and it really should not be surprising with all the options they offer the consumers. Take a look at what the big three offer and you will have to agree that you cannot receive these same incentives at your local bank or credit union.

GMAC has been offering their own financing since 1919. With their traditional financing, all you have to do is put up a down payment of either cash or your trade-in, then pay off the balance in monthly payments along with the financing costs until the end of the loan. They offer several different kinds of financing to fit the person and their individual needs.

Ford has been financing their cars for over 40 years. The Ford Motor Company has some wonderful customer incentive programs to aid you in getting into that new car such as the Ford Motor Company College Grad Program just to name one.

Chrysler also has been financing cars for their dealers for many years and can aid in giving their customers flexible terms, competitive rates, and low interest rates.

When it comes to car financing it is always best to trust the ones that know the business which when you are talking about cars it would be the dealership, his sales persons and of course the car manufactures.

The bank or credit union cannot offer you rebates, special incentive programs, or anything else when it comes to purchasing a car. They can only give you a loan with the interest rate they want to charge. You are done! With dealership financing you have options extra options that you will not find any place else. You may think of these as extra costs but down the road, you may realize the car dealership was correct when offering these and now you cannot go to your loan officer and ask for these special deals since they do not offer them.

Special programs that the finance manager may offer include extended warranties, rust protection, undercoating, fabric protection, paint protection, alarm systems and window etching, life and disability insurance. Yes, you can receive some of these through other companies however, with in house financing, you get one stop shopping.

When you are talking with the car salesperson and the finance manager listen to all the options they are offering it might be your last chance to receive the protection you desire for your new car.

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