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Study at AS level is often preferable for students who want to plan their learning process independently when you can take your own control on your study and have freedom in research, attending college, your work time and social life. However, one of the most usual constraints for AS students is ability to manage their time so that all assignments, courseworks and research papers are timely completed.
Many students often do not have enough time to complete their study work properly and, therefore exams preparation and term papers completion are performed at the very last night which may become a real nightmare. Study time management skills are very important for high marks and successful graduation. In order to not stick to your hotspots deadlines all tasks for your exams and courseworks to be dome should be planned beforehand. It is very effective to organize your own planner where you will be able to note the following: the tasks checklist which expands your actions with the completion time; try to give a realistic time for your tasks completion, for example plan your library visit at least a week before you are going to start writing your research paper; fix extra time needed for your completed tasks, for example your assigned essay review and revision, clearing up your exam answers presentation; think of additional actions you might need to complete the tasks, for example extra research needed, tutor counseling, unexpected changes in your plans due to some events etc; make notes for these extra actions time need in your planner; order your checklist in priority manner, note which tasks should be done first; set up what you need to prioritize for the very task- deadlines, research work, learning or writing; be flexible to change your priorities according to the new tasks to be done, however do not make such changes during one week tasks planning because you may start wandering through your planner, lose your work rate and finally fail with your tasks. The tasks needed for long-term study projects such as large assignments or learning something which is completely new for you or you have great difficulty with, are to not be completely planned for one week. You should manage to do the checklist for long period projects by dividing the tasks needed into four or three groups. Then stretch out the divided tasks for four or three weeks and make notes for those ones which should be done for next week.
Even if your planner is designed perfectly it will not work for you without a proper review by the end of the week. You should choose one of the weekdays (usually Friday) to check what has done successfully and to highlight the rest which you have failed to do because of lack of time or some other problems. Highlights will help you prioritize these tasks for the next week and give you a clear idea of what should be done to complete the tasks.
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