Editing For Rhythm and Tone

by Jane Sumerset - Date: 2010-01-09 - Word Count: 510 Share This!

Like composing lyrics in your song, it needs rhythm and tone in order to create a beautiful and harmonize melody while singing it. Same goes into essay writings and also with some forms of writing. Rhythm and tone are the two important things that your writings should have so that it will look more appealing in the eyes of your readers.

Although some people might say that it is difficult to start creating your writing, in some other way, editing your piece is a lot harder. What's the best part in making your first draft is that, whatever your ideas are telling you about the topic and with all the facts that you had research regarding your topic, you can put it all down into writing.

You shouldn't be conscious enough about your spellings or grammars since you can check it later after you write your first draft but as much as possible, avoid creating bad grammars in your writings so that it will not be hard for you to change it when you're done.

Editing your first draft can be a tough task since you keep on using your mind in checking for any errors in writing and if you will revise your piece for a better content. This will include proofreading, revising, rephrasing, organizing your content and furnish it before submitting your work. For some reason, editing your write-up includes putting up some style in your content. Thus, it is the writer's personal style and strategy to make it more appealing and readable which can capture your reader's trust and interest.

Editing your written work usually entails more than mere proofreading and catching grammar errors - a grammar software can handle all that on its own. In many ways, it's about ensuring that your copy reads well, using the proper rhythm and tone to facilitate the best experience possible.

Your Writing Rhythm

While it may not be your most important consideration, rhythm plays a huge part in how well people perceive your work. Words, after all, have an innate musicality. Fashioning your writing in such a way that it makes proper use of this helps your work create an indelible impression in the reader's mind.

During the editing process, listen to how your writing sounds by reciting it loudly. Does it flow naturally or does it lead you to buckle in parts? Do the length of your sentences, the snappiness of your words and your overall delivery aid the reader's experience?

Your Writing's Tone

All writing carries its own tone. When crafting an invitation to a party, for instance, you usually write with a jovial and expectant tone. For business documents, it's all but expected to try to deliver writing with a serious and professional disposition.

The tone of your writing should be in harmony with the subject you are writing about. Use the wrong one and you immediately risk diluting your message. If you want to make this task a lot easier, then read your piece not as a writer but as a reader in order for you to determine the things that you should pay attention to.

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