When Should I Do My Cardio, Before or After Strength Training?

by Foras Aje - Date: 2007-01-06 - Word Count: 336 Share This!

Friends I actually stumbled on the answer to this in a very interesting, yet eye-opening way.

See here is what I do for strength training:

1. 60 to 100 ab wheel rollouts

2. Unlimited Chin-ups

3. Unlimited Chair Dips

4. Unlimited Pull-ups.

5. Unlimited Burpees (fast, so it's anaerobic!)

I do the super set format, meaning while resting the main muscle groups in the first exercise, I am working another.

Now, I always figured I had to do something for my legs only, so I resumed jogging and once I tried to jog before doing the exercises above.

Well, that day, I didn't feel that great about my workout, I mean all I had the night before were some apples, so it couldn't have been what I ate so something had to be wrong!

I experimented with the order of doing the exercises and believe you me, the next time around; I was on a high the whole day.

Now, to be sure this was correct and not just a stroke of luck, I went online and did find some facts that supported how and why my second attempt at combining aerobics and anaerobic worked (and still works) much better.

After doing anaerobic strength training, the cool-down afterwards is also crucial. Whenever a vigorous exercise session is stopped abruptly, blood tends to accumulate in the lower body. With reduced blood return, cardiac output decreases and light-headedness may occur.

Because muscle movement helps squeeze blood back to the heart, it is important to continue some muscle activity after the last exercise is completed. Easy cycling, walking, or any other cardiovascular exercise at low intensity is an appropriate cool-down activity, as is any other form of cardiovascular exercise.

Now, with all of these factors above considered, suffice it to say that it is best to do aerobic exercise after anaerobic (strength/weight) exercises to really maximize the benefits.

Even if we were to put all the technical points aside, it is what feels right to me anyway...and I'm pretty observant of my body, hey it is the only one I've got…right?

Here's to Health


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