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Calendars are a great way to promote your business. Even in trade shows and conferences, calendars have become a constant sight as corporate give-aways. They've become synonymous with marketing tool and a means to promote your products and services.

As efficiently as the other print materials in your marketing arsenal, calendars provide an effective job of getting your message across your audience clearly. Although they have become regulars in the printing industry, calendar printing still has to have a useful and unique message that will get the readers want to keep it and use it. When your audience gets hooked, the calendar creates an impression that favors you in the eyes of your target clients. It helps in building goodwill and awareness to your type of brand and the benefits you can give your clients.

So be unique and get your target readers to take notice. Don't be afraid to personalize and customize your calendars for your target clients. The more clients get hooked, the more attention you get for your business. Here are a few suggestions to help you come up with a distinctive calendar that will get you attention every day, all-year round:

Go loco; go local!

Local landmarks make for great photos and pictures for calendar printing. Particularly, use pictures that are related to your brand of business. Incorporate these local sites and festivities in your calendar. Highlight the dates and places. Not only will you be able to get the locals in your area, you also might capture visitors as well. And wouldn't it be great if your local tourist organization make your calendars as one of their promotional materials in your area? You don't even have to mail or pay someone to give them away. Your local tourist agency will do it for you.

Go on sale!

Use your calendars to promote monthly, weekly or even daily sales and discounts. Ask other department store owners (if you're not one) to permit your calendars to hold discount coupons for their merchandise. Find out the monthly sales if they're regularly done in your area. This will definitely get people to hold on to your calendars and keep it for future use.

Do it on a monthly-basis!

Giving calendars away on an annual basis is too common an event. There's no one to stop you if you want it done every month or even every week for that matter. It will guarantee regular exposure for you and your company. You could send it like a postcard every month.

A picture calendar speaks a thousand words!

This is something innovative and distinct- a picture postcard for your calendar. When you decide to send it out every month, your calendar can provide your target clients with information not only about your products and services, but also other food-for-thought like a monthly quote, important dates, and even useful tips.

You don't need to get a degree or hire a professional designer or even get a high-priced calendar printing company to create your masterpiece for you. For small businesses that still don't have a big amount of resources, a simple and wide imagination sometimes can do a lot of wonders. And oh, a big dose of love for the business too won't hurt.

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