Your Introductory Guide to Scholarships

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So, you need a scholarship to get through school? There are many grants and scholarships available for you depending on your course of study and your financial needs. However, there are a few things you may need to look at before applying for a scholarship. As you know, a college or university scholarship is a monetary award given to a prospective or a currently enrolled student based on merit. And it doesnt end there, there is an extensive criterion to be complied with to be awarded a scholarship.

A scholarship could be given on the basis of academic merit, athletic ability, or financial needs. But you have to prove that you are the right person to be granted a school scholarship. Most universities give scholarships to their outstanding students. Yet, the grants and scholarships in this case are very limited. There is long list of things which may qualify you for a scholarship, be it a full scholarship or a partial one. For example, you may qualify for a certain scholarship only if you were enrolled in a certain school.

You will have to do plenty of research to know what scholarships are out there, and which ones you qualify for. However, keep in mind that some scholarships may have a 'bond' requirement. The receiver of the scholarship may be required to work for a particular company for a certain period of time in either rural or remote areas. Another scenario is that in which students may be required to repay the value of the scholarship or financial support they receive later on. This is generally the case with education and nursing scholarships given out in rural areas or remote areas.

If you are looking for a scholarship, you need to know all four types:

Merit based: These scholarships are awarded based on a persons academic, athletic, artistic, or other creative abilities. There is also a preference for prospective students who have done community work for an organization, volunteering, etc, and other extracurricular activities. The most common scholarship on merit is awarded by a college based on a students ACT and SAT scores.

Need based: These scholarships are awarded based on a student and his or her familys financial records. Therefore, the student will have to send through an application to FAFSA to prove that they are in need of financial help for studying. As a result, if granted a scholarship, the student will be given a federal award. The FAFSA will calculate the students financial income and assess the credibility of a grant. Some of the factors considered are his or her family's contribution and the potential tuition fees a student has to pay.

Student specific: This scholarship is awarded based on minority factors. This means that the student will have to qualify by a selection of race, gender, religion, family, or a medical history, and there may be many more 'specific' factors. Minority, or student-specific scholarships are the most common.

Career specific: This kind of scholarship is awarded by a university or college according to the students proposed plan of study in a specific field. In this case, often generous and full scholarships are given out to a prospective student who is willing to pursue a career in a high need area such as education, Law, or medicine.

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