Hunter Pgp Sprinklers: the Industry Standard

by Richard Gilliland - Date: 2008-10-26 - Word Count: 356 Share This!

Hunter PGP sprinklers are still the best-selling residential and light commercial rotors in the world. In fact, this design once set an industry standard for sprinklers back in 1981. Hunter PGP sprinklers were the first product for the Hunter Company and boasted an exceptional design, especially for the early 1980s. Over the years, these sprinklers continued to be enhanced from the original design and have continued to dominate the market ever since.

Hunter PGP sprinklers have the ability to deliver even water distribution using precision-engineered nozzles. These sprinklers have long been popular for their reliability, durability and versatility. Hunter PGP sprinklers have a patented technology introduced by Hunter. If you buy Hunter PGP sprinklers today you can look forward to even more enhancements than the original had.

Hunter PGP sprinklers (sometimes used with the add-on phrase Adjustable Rotor) come with integral rubber covers with membrane-covered sockets. This helps to keep the unit permanently installed and also helps keep dirt out of the system. The sprinkler also has a special "through the top" adjustment that gives helpful symbols. This also makes the unit very easy to adjust, from wet to dry. You can order a set of interchangeable nozzles, your choice of twelve standard nozzles or seven low-angle nozzles. You can even request factory installed nozzles if you have an exceptionally large or complicated project.

Another advantage of these sprinklers is that you can adjust the radius up to 25% in order to fine tune the sprinklers without having to go through the trouble of changing the nozzles. These PGP sprinklers include full circle and part-circle reversal operation, and adjustment between 40 and 360 degrees. Hunter PGP sprinklers have proven to be lifelong and water-lubricated landscaping tools.

If you are interested in the top selling residential sprinkler then contact Hunter Industries or an online retailer. Hunter is a manufacturer of irrigation equipment and specializes in home landscaping as well as professional golf courses. The San Marcos, California-based company produces the highest quality of pop-up gear-driven rotors, spray sprinklers, valves, controllers, central controllers and weather sensors. Hunter PGP is a name that American homeowners know and trust.

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Richard Gilliland works for the largest wholesale dealer and distributor for Hunter PGP Rotors and sprinklers.

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