Jobs At Home: 5 Practical Tips That Will Help Work-at Home Moms Get Organized

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As a work at home mom who has successfully been doing it for quite a while now, I have realized that there are certain things that you can do that will help you to achieve your goals with your job at home.

1. Schedule, schedule, schedule
You must get yourself a task list. You must find a way to write down all that you have to do and then stick to it. For me, it required that I get software that I could dump all I needed to do in there in 2 categories; what I needed to do for my job and what I needed to do for my home and the kids. Without a schedule, you will find that you are always trying to get things done that can be done later or should have been done earlier. As you schedule, be kind to yourself. Prioritize so that what can wait waits. For your home, because it can take up all your time to get things in order every day especially if you have children, work on minimizing what needs to be done daily. Set aside one day a week when you get all the cleaning and the laundry done. Cook meals that can be eaten 2 or 3 times so that you save time.

2. Get help
This is a big one if you want your job at home to be successful. You need to get help. If you can afford someone to come in and do some of the chores for you, get them. If you can't, get others to chip in. If your kids are old enough to pick up after themselves, train them to do it. If you explain that you have to work and so they should help, they will understand it better. If you have a child that you can drop off at a daycare nearby, do it so that you don't have to deal with them all day. If you can have your groceries delivered, that is great because it leaves you time to work.

3. Start and finish a task
When it comes to work, always start a task that you can finish in the scheduled time. Uncompleted tasks will make you feel like you're not making progress. If it's a big project, split it into bits such that each time you sit down, you can complete one of those bits. You will find yourself looking forward to the next bit because you know that you have a set goal that you have to accomplish. Even with the tasks at home, if you start to do something, get it so that you can get it off your mind and off your list of things to do.

4. Stick to time
Timing is even more important for those moms with jobs at home. You need to keep time and you need those around you to keep time as well. You are working on a schedule and delays mean that you are lagging behind in whatever you have to do. Get your partner and kids to learn to keep time too. If they are supposed to be home, have their homework done, have dinner and take a shower by a certain time, get them to stick to it because it means that you get everything done and you can get some rest at the end of it all.

5. Take time off
I mentioned rest in the last point, and it's because with time as a working mom, I have come to realize that it's critically important. You need to acknowledge to yourself that you are doing a lot; you are making money from your house and you are managing your home at the same time. If you don't rest and recharge, you will soon come to a grinding stop; you'll get irritable and you'll find that your energy levels will drop. Take a day in the week, any day, and do nothing other than what has to be done - maybe just cooking and doing the dishes. Watch a movie, go out with a friend, play with your kids, whatever you like, but make sure you rest. It's actually one of the biggest secrets to keeping yourself energized all the time.

Jobs at home are demanding especially if you're a mom. You can definitely do it - you have it in you to make it work out. All you need is an action plan for each day, but make it flexible because all days are different. Remember you're your own boss now and you can do whatever you want and need to do in order to work at home and be happy and fulfilled.
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