The Risk Of Manganese Exposure

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Manganese is a common element and in pure form is a metal resembling iron. Iron is combined with manganese to form steel,and the addition of manganese increases the tensile strength and elasticity of the metal.Stainless steel and various hardened steel compounds contain higher amounts of manganese.

The electric arc that allows metals to be welded liberates fumes containing very small particles of manganese oxides.Once the fumes are inhaled the particles can enter the lung and nasal passages.This comes from the welding smoke.

Chronic exposure to manganese leads to a nervous disorder called manganism.Initial symptoms are memory loss,irritability,depression,anxiety, shaking,slowness,clumsiness,blank stare,slurred speech,and balance problems.

The symptoms develop slowly in most cases and are often misdiagnosed in the early stages.Once movement problems have developed it may be diagnosed as parkinson disease.The symptoms of Manganism are simalar to those of pakinson disease.You usually need a detailed work history to identify manganism.

Manganism is treated much like parkinson disease.Treatment of symptoms may employ conventional anti-parkison medication.

The only way to protect yourself from manganism is to wear a double canister respiratory mask.Common paper masks do not provide enough protection from these tiny particles.It may take some time getting used to but your health may depend on it.

So take precautions when welding.Manganese is real and it can be deadly.there is so many ways you can protect yourself.Remember this is your health and your loved ones will always enjoy your good health.

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