Why to apply for a credit card online!?

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Credit card institutions and banks are in a big competition game, so they are trying to capture new customers who have never had a credit card and even those who already have one.

So many times when you check your mail box, you see a credit card offer with 0% APR, no annual fee, Rewards, Gas Rebate, Cash back etc. Of course it is a great benefit to everyone but what is the difference between applying by mail and applying online? Which is better?

No one can deny the fact that Online credit card applications are easier and still secure and safe. Besides, it is easier to compare credit cards online than when you receive it by mail.

when you receive a credit card offers by mail, how many times did you throw a credit card offer and how many times you had the chance to read it? Then how you could compare?

The Online process is different and there are two ways to compare credit cards:

1. You can visit each credit card bank or institution website and start browsing their credit cards.
2. OR/ You can visit credit cards websites where you'll find different card types and issuers.

Well, it is obviously easier to visit one website with so many credit card offers so you don't have to trouble yourself with searching, book-marking the issuers' websites.

How does Online Credit Card Applications websites work?

It is simple! these sites are loaded with direct links to the issuer's credit card offers and/or online applications. After reading, understanding and comparing the credit cards, and when you make up your mind to apply for a credit card you are interested in, you click on it, then this link will transfer you to the issuer's site immediately. 

When you receive an offer by mail, YOU SHOULD TAKE CARE!

Many of what you receive by mail are mailed by marketing companies. Here is the issue. Marketing companies send bulk mails to addresses in a random way while banks and issuers send to targeted people who are pre-approved. So you have to be aware of the 'unwanted credit cards' or the cards you have never ordered.

In brief, applying for a credit card online is more practical, secure, safer, and easier.

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