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    • 1.

      If You Can Talk

      by Rohn Engh - 2006-11-30
      Ever look at the category, "Photographers," in the Yellow Pages of your local telephone directory? A lot of competition, isn't there? What makes the difference then, between a "successful" photographe...
    • 2.

      What Color is Your Yellow Pages Ad

      by Mike McDaniel - 2007-01-29
      In the beginning, Yellow Pages ads were, well, yellow. With black type. Then, in an effort to jump start sales, the clever people who invented Yellow Pages in 1886, the Reuben H. Donnelly Corporatio...
    • 3.

      Using ROI (Return on Investment) as a Marketing Tool

      by Jeffrey Hauser - 2007-03-19
      One thing that I've learned after 35 years in advertising is that no business wants to pay more than they have to for promotional expenses. It's understandable considering all the various marketing op...
    • 4.

      Advertising for Search Engines vs. Online Yellow Page Directories

      by Pat Boardman - 2007-04-21
      Business owners are often approached to buy online advertising from companies who endeavor to sell Internet listings to cash in on the concept of locating goods & services on the Web. The differenc...
    • 5.

      Creating the Perfect Advertising Headline

      by Jeffrey Hauser - 2007-04-29
      My background begins with a degree in advertising, running my own ad agency, followed by 25 years as an advertising consultant for the Yellow Pages. During those 35 years, I believe that I've learned ...
    • 6.

      Yellow Pages Vs. Craigslist Vs. Web Directories

      by Ajeet Khurana - 2007-05-08
      Phone books are no longer the most preferred providers of information. Sure, there was the time when my husband left the toilet paper roll on the floor, directly below the waiting empty roll, for the ...
    • 7.

      CraigsList, Yellow Pages, and Web Directory Lists as Information Providers

      by Ajeetkhurana - 2007-05-09
      Phone books have by now outlived their usefulness. Well, there was that one time when my husband left the toilet paper roll on the floor, directly beneath the waiting empty roll, for the 72nd ti...
    • 8.

      CraigsList, Yellow Pages, or Web Directory List?

      by Ajeetkhurana - 2007-05-09
      I can't even remember the last time I picked up a phone book. Well, there was that one time when my husband left the toilet paper roll on the floor, directly underneath the waiting empty roll, f...
    • 9.

      The Yellow Pages

      by Subhash - 2007-06-30
      The term Yellow Pages refers to a telephone directory for businesses, categorized according to the product or service provided. As the name suggests, such directories are usually printed on yellow pap...
    • 10.

      Google's Local Business Center A Serious Threat To Existing Online Yellow Pages Directories

      by LinkAssure - 2007-07-03
      If you click on the "Business Solutions" link on Google's homepage, you'll find information about the various revenue generating programs, advertising opportunities and productivity tools that Google ...