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    • 171.

      Tattoo G4 Coded Touch A3288 Windows Version Sets In Cndigit

      by CNDIGIT - 2010-03-31
      Possibly the most customizable consumer handset ever made:Android seems to be quite the rage these stage, all the HTC products could get a glimpse of such case. From the Dream G1, Magic G2 to the stro...
    • 172.

      Wireless Monitoring

      by golfjk - 2010-07-13
      The INTELLINET Network Solutions are known as the innovative network-fire, the IC INTRACOM also for their practical and professional product innovations in the SME segment. For 20 years on the market,...
    • 173.

      Music Articles - All About Synthesizer Headphones

      by Robert Bell - 2010-07-19
      A synthesizer can be described as a revolutionary invention in the world of musical instruments. You can view extra details here http://musiclistening.net. distinct acoustic instruments it is an elect...
    • 174.

      Communication Articles - Is telecom innovation at risk?

      by SUNIL NAIR - 2010-07-21
      Telecom systems vendors' R&D spending remains in the range of 13-14% of their revenues (on average), but venture capital funding of telecom start-ups has fallen steadily in recent quarters. Telecom-re...
    • 175.

      Telecommuting Articles - Global Mobile Roaming Pricing 2010

      by SUNIL NAIR - 2010-07-22
      Global Mobile Roaming Pricing 2010 report ( http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=145470&rt=Global-Mobile-Roaming-Pricing-2010.html ) which provides Voice and SMS roaming rates in Europe have halv...
    • 176.

      Electronics Articles - The Amazing Device

      by JOHN JAMES DE SOUZA - 2010-08-06
      The traditional form of reading is certainly coming to an end with the introduction of the Kindle2 Wireless Reading Device. And the future of reading has arrived. What rocks most about the Amazon Kind...
    • 177.

      Internet Articles - Do Your Work Wireless

      by JEN BARNUM - 2010-08-13
      Being portable is what a laptop is all about. However, being portable is not much use if you are not able to be wireless when needed. When you can connect to the Internet at your convenience, new door...
    • 178.

      Internet Articles - Where To Find A Wireless Modem

      by WILFORD HOLDEN - 2010-08-16
      When scouting for a 3g wireless router, remember that you have quite a few pointers that you need to consider prior to making a hasty purchase decision. The truth is services or products product today...
    • 179.

      Telecommuting Articles - Global Mobile Application Market (2010-2015)

      by SUNIL NAIR - 2010-08-23
      Global Mobile Application Market (2010-2015) The success of Apple's Application Store has not only established the salability of mobile applications, but has also shown that the most excellent ap...