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    • 71.

      Why a Window is a Mirror of Life

      by Richard Dinae - 2008-10-04
      Homes are more than large pieces of structures attached on land; they are rather resting places and comfort zones of everyone. That is why, when someone reaches a point wherein he intends to build a ...
    • 72.

      Installing Your Decorative Window Film

      by Richard Dinae - 2008-10-04
      Do you have an old window? Is it an embarrassing sight for your house? Do you ever wish you could just remove it? Well, don't. Because there is a way to transform your old and ugly window into someth...
    • 73.

      The Candlestick Case for a Perpetual Short in the S&p 500

      by William Kurtz - 2008-10-05
      How quickly time does fly.  It is almost a year since the stock market posted a significant long-term High.  It was marked by a bearish Candlestick pattern, and has been followed all the way down b...
    • 74.

      Bird Control Products - Bird Spikes - Pigeons Spikes

      by ufiyona - 2008-11-14
      Bird Spikes: N modelBird Spikes: the best solution for chasing away pigeons. Bird Spikes never become rusty.The N model is made of a UV - rays stabilized polycarbonate base and two rows of stainless s...
    • 75.

      Blinds and Their Uses in Interior Design

      by Donald Donaldson - 2008-11-18
      A look at the sheer variety of blinds available on the market today and how homeowners can use them as a stylish and elegant window covering.Blinds, and especially the vertical variety are an excelle...
    • 76.

      The Difference Between Pigeon Control To Crow Control

      by ufiyona - 2008-11-25
      In order to understand the difference between pigeon removal to crow removal, first we shall learn about the damages that each group creates. The human kind nurtured the Pigeons and the crows consciou...
    • 77.

      The Uses Of Blinds As Room Dividers And Window Coverings

      by Donald Donaldson - 2008-11-26
      A look at the variety of uses for blinds that are possible with a little imagination.Blinds from early beginnings in ancient Egypt and China have become a popular window covering in many homes and of...
    • 78.

      Cleaning Blinds And Using Them In Interior Design

      by Donald Donaldson - 2008-11-26
      Advice to homeowners on how to clean blinds and the sheer variety of window coverings on offer.Blinds are now a popular and widespread choice for window coverings all over the world. As with any wind...
    • 79.

      Business, Trendy Loft Living

      by Robert Bell - 2008-12-12
      Most lofts still offer a bit of the feeling of living in a warehouse due to their original use as factories or warehouses located in industrial neighborhoods. But in many cases, the latest example...
    • 80.

      Looking for professional window cleaning services?

      by Steven Magill - 2009-01-21
      As with many of the cleaning trades, you only have to open a paper to find listings for many companies offering their window cleaning services. The question is which one you will choose.There a...