window flower boxes

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  • window flower boxes

    • 1.

      A Whiff of Fragrance From Your Window Boxes and Window Flower Boxes

      by Vikram kuamr - 2008-06-14
       Would not it be great to wake up and smell fresh fragrant flowers every morning?  You can most certainly have this if you have a nice little garden by your window. But what if you don't have space ...
    • 2.

      Window Flower Boxes and Window Boxes for New Houses

      by Vikram kuamr - 2008-06-14
      Owning a house is one of the ultimate dreams of a woman.  The house is one of the few things you will be so proud of.  It is not so much of a status or social attachment but a house is a home for th...
    • 3.

      Window Boxes or Window Flower Boxes for Your Kitchen Garden

      by Vikram kuamr - 2008-06-14
      We should eat green leafy veggies to stay healthy, which is not a problem. Where to get fresh vegetables is what concerns us. We can buy them in the market but for some people it would be fun to grow ...
    • 4.

      Great Looking Kitchen Window Boxes

      by Vikram kuamr - 2008-06-15
      Just like cooking food, the kitchen sometimes needs to be modified.  Food tastes even better when you add a little more spice and reduce a little on salt.  The kitchen too needs some redesigning to ...
    • 5.

      Consider Window Boxes in Your Design

      by Vikram kuamr - 2008-06-15
      You take for granted the fact that anything you put together involves processes.  Sometimes you are not even conscious that the procedures you are doing consist of your skills no matter how simple th...
    • 6.

      Architectural Beauty With Window Flower Boxes

      by Vikram kuamr - 2008-06-15
      What is it about buildings and its structure that makes it attractive? If you are an architect, you do more than just putting spaces to the building and labeling them to its use. It's more than just f...
    • 7.

      Appreciating Nature With Window Flower Boxes

      by Vikram kuamr - 2008-06-15
      Plants and flowers are beautiful and very captivating. In order for them to stay beautiful and fresh, they need to be taken cared of. When planting your own garden, you also need to give them love. Yo...
    • 8.

      Window Boxes or Window Flower Boxes: an Aid to Growing Plants

      by Vikram kuamr - 2008-06-16
       It is truly awesome to see lush vegetation in our yards. With all the plants growing around our house, what a better sight to see than the plants that we have labored have grown and in full bloom wi...
    • 9.

      Window Boxes for That Country Air for Your Home

      by Vikram kuamr - 2008-06-16
      Window boxes exude some sort of country air.  They make big buildings look attractively old-fashioned and homey. The exterior of the home is given a wonderful look and appearance.  Since they are pr...
    • 10.

      Plants for Your Window Flower Boxes

      by Vikram kuamr - 2008-06-16
      If you love plants, you probably like to fill your house with all types of plants ranging from local to exotic, flowers to fruit plants, and potted plants to vines. Plants can make you feel relaxed, a...