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    • 1.

      Municipal WiFi - A Free Public Utility

      by Russell Mickler - 2006-12-10
      Municipal WiFi networks ("MuniNets") are city-wide 802.11x (b,e,g,n) (wireless) mesh networks that can run an average city $10-15 million. Wireless transmitters are positioned throughout the city in p...
    • 2.

      Laptop or Desktop: Which is the Right Computer for You?

      by Kathryn Lively - 2006-12-20
      These days, a computer is more than a luxury. It has become a household necessity. Where television and radio once served as the primary resources for news and entertainment, computers with Internet a...
    • 3.

      Free Your Internet, Free Your Mind

      by Nathan Morrison - 2007-01-04
      First and foremost, I've made it to the Sierra Nevadas, and to my destination. I've not been available to post until now, due to unpacking and setting up a secure and sustainable grid of WIFI Access P...
    • 4.

      5 Predictions for the Cell Phone Industry in 2007

      by Allan Keiter - 2007-01-17
      The Razr Will FizL: With no fewer than 6 models on the market and 50 million sold, the basic model of this phone is two years old now. Regardless of the bells and whistles that are being added, this p...
    • 5.

      Consumer Advice on PDAs

      by BrookeYan - 2007-02-06
      PDAs can store thousands of phone numbers, appointments, tasks, and notes. All models can exchange, or synchronize, information with a full-sized computer. To do this, you connect the PDA to your c...
    • 6.

      Communicating with WiFi

      by Sai Kiran - 2007-02-14
      WiFi PDAs are becoming more and more common, and can sync with computers and other devices easily, and without the inconvenience of messy tangled wires.Of course, as with all communication devices, yo...
    • 7.

      IP Telephony Over Wireless Networks

      by Michael Talbert - 2007-02-15
      The advent of wireless broadband has put a new twist on peoples mobility and communications. Wireless broadband connections can take many different forms. From an extension of conventional wired netwo...
    • 8.

      Fixed Mobile Convergence - Bridging the Cellular Landline Divide

      by Michael Talbert - 2007-03-02
      As more and more consumers opt out of traditional telephone services in favor of cellular phones, the undeniable trend in the telecommunications industry is the development of Fixed to Mobile Converge...
    • 9.

      VoIP Over WiFi for Businesses: Sending Voice Over the Wireless LAN

      by Michael Talbert - 2007-03-06
      The convergence of data and voice networks in the business environment takes on a new twist with the emergence of wireless networking. The freedom of mobility offered to users in a wireless LAN has pr...
    • 10.

      WiFi and You: A First Look

      by Eric Hartwell - 2007-03-24
      Just about everyone remotely interested in computers has heard of Wi-Fi. Much less people know of what it is, what it stands for, or what it does. It has many applications in home and business life- s...