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    • 151.

      What Is The Toughest Thing On A Diet?

      by or - 2008-11-06
      each one of us tried to do a diet plan or 2, but rarely do we accomplished to do it to the end and see the progress you desire. Probably most of you tried the Atkins diet, and most tried liquid diets,...
    • 152.

      Beauty Treatments

      by R631 Witter631 - 2008-11-09
      Tips For Cosmetic SurgeryPeople are practicing several procedures for increasing their physical beauty. One might not be satisfied with his natural looks and want to do something for enhancing it. Oth...
    • 153.

      Combating the Obesity Epedemic

      by Scott Barnes - 2008-11-10
      Combating health related issues linked to being overweight is a problem that cannot be cured by complicated operational procedures or medicines prescibed by doctors, its about the individuals daily i...
    • 154.

      Ditch the Weight.. Five Pounds at a Time

      by Diane Palmer - 2008-11-21
      You have been trying so hard to ditch the weight, giving up those goodies, running up and down the stairs, and when you get on that scale after a few weeks of all this hard work, you only see five po...
    • 155.

      Health, Weight loss tips cooking

      by BENI ANHAR - 2009-03-27
      Losing weight need not be dull and boring. Nor did he have to spell the end to their favorite foods. In most cases, make substitutions with ingredients that can be achieved while creating deliciou...
    • 156.

      Ten Important Things You Should Know About Weight Loss

      by Mary Leahy - 2009-04-11
      1) Rather than try diet after diet, you need to understand your body and how it uses the food it is given. Know which foods cause weight gain and which ones help you lose weight. This may vary from pe...
    • 157.

      Weight Loss With Teens Why It Can Be So Scary

      by Mary Leahy - 2009-04-11
      Concerns and dangers of child and teen weight loss is becoming such an issue, especially with parents and guardians.The trend today is to wear cropped tops and hip hugging skirts and pants, body image...
    • 158.

      Clothes Horror

      by Mary Leahy - 2009-04-11
      The New Year has started and you are now looking at taking a spring break it may be skiing or may be someplace warm, no matter where you are going horror strikes. You just checked your wardrobe and fi...
    • 159.

      A Couple Of Activities For Alzheimers

      by July Somma - 2009-05-01
      Alzheimer's is one disease that people dread to be diagnosed with. Who can blame them? It is one of the most debilitating disease known to man and it affects not only one area or one system but all. O...
    • 160.

      Side Effects Of Weight Loss Pills

      by dr.health - 2009-09-08
      Today's generation is a 'fast food' generation. They need everything quick and with no hassles. They don't have time to admire nature around them and perhaps nature, in order to attract their attentio...