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    • 1.

      How To Address Wedding Invitations

      by Nick Kakolowski - 2008-08-16
      Addressing your wedding invitation can actually be a more difficult process than it would seem on the surface. We were all instructed on how to address envelopes at some point in our lives. However, t...
    • 2.

      Examples Of Wedding Invitation Poems And Verses

      by Nick Kakolowski - 2008-08-16
      Finding the right poem or verse to accent your wedding invitation can be a very enjoyable process. The perfect selection of text is an expression of your relationship that will help to give your guest...
    • 3.

      Top Questions To Ask When Choosing A Wedding Planner

      by Stephanie Larkin - 2008-08-16
      While it has become more common for brides-to-be to hire wedding planners to manage all the details of their upcoming nuptials, many women are still just a little intimidated by the whole process. For...
    • 4.

      The Best Locations For A U.s. Wedding

      by Stephanie Larkin - 2008-08-16
      In recent years, destination weddings have become more and more popular. A destination wedding is one where you travel to the area your wedding will be held. It is also a vacation and wedding all roll...
    • 5.

      An Explanation Of Wedding Invitation Etiquette

      by Stephanie Larkin - 2008-08-16
      There are several definitions of proper wedding etiquette. Ultimately it depends on the preferences of the bride and groom; however there are some general guidelines that should be followed.The Basics...
    • 6.

      Popular Fall Wedding Themes

      by Lisa Parker - 2008-10-11
      A wedding is a special time in one's life but the planning process can sometimes be the most difficult part. A wedding theme is important because it includes everything from color choice, stationery, ...
    • 7.

      Flowers And Bouquets Used In Fall Weddings

      by Lisa Parker - 2008-10-11
      The autumn is a great time of year for a couple to get married. The selection of fall flowers is very diverse and many color combinations are available. There are many benefits to the autumn months es...
    • 8.

      Popular Wedding Invitation Phrases

      by Cynthia Andrews - 2008-10-11
      Many couples take great pride in the wedding invitations they send to their family and friends. Choosing the right invitation is a long process, which consists of choosing a style, color, and most imp...
    • 9.

      Fall Wedding Cake Ideas

      by Cynthia Andrews - 2008-10-11
      Autumn is an excellent time of year to get married. When you finally decide to take this step in your relationship, there will be many necessary preparations. You need to choose a wedding theme, stati...
    • 10.

      Examples Of Unique Wedding Invitations

      by Cynthia Andrews - 2008-10-11
      Finding the perfect wedding invitation can really make a difference when your big day arrives. It is possible to get married almost anywhere and it is important that your guests have a sense of what t...