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    • 1.

      MoreWorld Development

      by subson mittal - 2006-11-13
      MoreWorld Development is web design and development company that carefully meets the varying needs of a variety of customers. We design and develop websites for individuals from a single page design t...
    • 2.

      MoreWorld Development Customization

      by subson mittal - 2006-11-13
      Do you want to do more with your MoreWorld company account? We can customize your MoreWorld account to meet any specific needs you may have. We can brand your MoreWorld company site to give it a feel ...
    • 3.

      Thinking Of Getting A Website...Points To Keep In Mind While Designing Your Site!

      by Anne Catherine - 2006-12-30
      Advanced software tools have made web designing as easy as A B C. In minutes you can create a complete web site with beautiful pages. But as it is said everything comes with positive as well as negati...
    • 4.

      Web Design Offshore Outsourcing And India

      by Sherry Rishi - 2007-01-05
      Offshore outsourcing to India is one of the most popular management practices today. Though it is generally perceived to be a cost reduction practice, this is just one of the reasons one should consid...
    • 5.

      User friendly and Search engine friendly Website design.

      by 5fishWebdesign - 2006-11-24
      Designing a website is much more important than creating an attractive image of a web page. Of course your website is an important part of our online business. The homepage on your web site is ver...
    • 6.

      How To Build Your Own Website - Keeping It Simple

      by Noah Harris - 2007-03-14
      Well, you don't have to be a Webmaster to design your own website. Building a website can be easier than you think. Here are some web designing tips for you- do- it yourselfers.First ask yourself the ...
    • 7.

      Design Patterns for Software Engineering

      by Mansi Gupta - 2007-05-03
      IntroductionDesign patterns are a relatively new concept in software engineering, and have their origins in civil engineering. Essentially they are a blueprint for solving a specific problem, allowing...
    • 8.

      Minimising Risk in Outsourced Projects

      by Mansi Gupta - 2007-05-03
      IntroductionOutsourcing is the process of contracting a third party to do work on the behalf of the client that they have neither the skills or resources to perform in-house. It is usually more cost e...
    • 9.

      Late and Over Budget - Why it Projects Fail

      by Mansi Gupta - 2007-05-03
      IntroductionIt is a fact - IT project failure rates are among the highest across all industries. This should not scare anyone away from embarking on large scale IT projects, but it is important to und...
    • 10.

      Let graphics speak your thoughts!

      by Rohini - 2007-06-16
      Have you got an opportunity to browse through the website which neither looks attractive nor are the graphics embedded appropriately? These sites are badly formatted and take a long time to down...