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    • 11.

      Koi Pond & Waterfall: Top 21 Most Asked Questions Answered

      by Doug Hoover - 2007-01-22
      Q What is the ideal size for a pond?A The ideal size would be determined by the size of your yard. Its size should be proportional to the size of the yard. Also, the larger the pond, the greater t...
    • 12.

      How To Recognize A Waterfall

      by Doug Gelbert - 2007-02-23
      For many hikers a waterfall is often the highlight of a morning spent on the trail. Often, a waterfall is the objective of the outing in the first place. With that in mind, here is a quick primer to i...
    • 13.

      Backyard Waterfall Design: Some Hints and Tips To Help Improve Your Water Garden

      by Christopher Smith - 2007-02-26
      A backyard waterfall design is beautiful. Standing alone, however, it tends to look a bit out of place. After all, waterfalls aren't really supposed to be in one's backyard, right? Standing alone,...
    • 14.

      Landscape Lighting Increases Your Curb Appeal

      by Bill Dittman - 2007-03-20
      High quality landscaping can add so much to a home or business, especially when the landscaping brings color and creativity to the forefront. When a homeowner or business owner takes the next step and...
    • 15.

      Concrete Pavers: What You Need to Know

      by Bill Dittman - 2007-03-20
      One of the most beautifying and creative additions you can make to your home or business is the addition of a patio surface, walkway, or creative stone and paver enhancement. These additions can add t...
    • 16.

      Outdoor Lighting Adds Beauty and Security

      by Bill Dittman - 2007-03-20
      Outdoor lighting is a very attractive way to add security to a home, business, rental property, or public area such as parks and waterways. It can provide a very attractive arrangement that not only a...
    • 17.

      Brighten Your Property With Landscape Lighting

      by Bill Dittman - 2007-03-20
      Landscape lighting is an effective method of brightening your property while adding an element of safety and security. The lighting is beautiful, but its practicality purposes are undeniable. There's ...
    • 18.

      Water Features Create Drama in Your Garden

      by Jude Wright - 2007-03-20
      Do you think that your flower garden needs a little more drama? Consider adding a fountain water feature. Installing a water fountain is really not all that difficult, and the upkeep is minimal.I love...
    • 19.

      Waterfalls Wonderful - Water Falling Indoors or Outdoors

      by Anne Clarke - 2007-03-21
      Your garden is not only a fragrant, colorful and comfortable place - but you can stimulate your senses with the sound and coolness of an absolutely perfect and luxurious waterfall. Relax and unwind i...
    • 20.

      Indoor Waterfalls - Distinct Indoor Decor

      by Anne Clarke - 2007-03-21
      There is a virtually endless array of possible indoor waterfalls / fountains for you to consider. Small waterfalls can be purchased for gardens or small atriums as well as for your walls, table-tops...