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    • 1.

      Pond Liners: 7 Reasons Why I Don't Use Them

      by Douglas Hoover - 2006-12-16
      1. Liners will eventually leak. Manufacturers have varying warranties, ranging from 15 to 30 years, with a 75-year life expectancy. In reality, it will definitely last as long as the guarantee clai...
    • 2.

      Pond Liners vs. Professional Construction

      by Douglas Hoover - 2006-12-16
      Why is there so much talk about pond liners? Which ones are UV protected, or stronger, or last longer? I am by no means an expert on liner technology, nor have I ever used them in my 26 years of des...
    • 3.

      Pond Liner: Buyer Beware

      by Douglas Hoover - 2006-12-21
      Do you waste your money on lottery tickets? Feed your hard earned money to the one-armed bandits in the casinos? Drive without a seat belt? Then a pond liner is for you. You obviously like taking chan...
    • 4.

      Koi Pond: Dispelling Myths About Concrete

      by Douglas Hoover - 2006-12-26
      What do some liner promoters and salesmen say about professional pond installations using concrete and rebar, plus mortar to hold the rocks?(1) "One problem with concrete and mortar construction is t...
    • 5.

      Koi Pond: Oxygen Levels

      by Douglas Hoover - 2006-12-26
      Adequate oxygen is essential for the health and survival of your koi fish and other pond creatures. As pond life utilizes the oxygen content of the water, it needs to be replaced. Oxygen enters the ...
    • 6.

      Koi Pond: Fish or No Fish?

      by Douglas Hoover - 2006-12-26
      What is a koi pond without koi? A pond! Now that is boring...Many clients who want a waterfall and koi pond do not want koi fish to take care of. Actually, a pond will require less attention with fis...
    • 7.

      Koi Pond: Digital Masterpieces- Virtual Water Features Part I

      by Douglas Hoover - 2006-12-31
      One of the most challenging aspects of designing ponds and waterfalls is trying to convey my ideas to my client. Coming up with award-winning pond designs or implementing them using adequate skills a...
    • 8.

      Water Feature Forums-Oh My!

      by Douglas Hoover - 2007-01-18
      What a hoot! I'm learning a lot and fast about the nature of on-line forums.I can only speak of my experience with forums related to the water garden or water feature industry. I have decided to join ...
    • 9.

      Pond Liners: the Hole Story

      by Doug Hoover - 2007-01-20
      Sometimes I get calls from people who have purchased a new home with an old pond that has a big problem. The number one complaint is that it will not hold water; second is that the water is green; th...
    • 10.

      Koi Pond and Waterfall Builders: What You Need to Know

      by Doug Hoover - 2007-01-22
      Before installing a water feature you need to ask yourself several important questions first:What is your budget? How much can you spend on the entire project? You could spend $3,000 on a water fe...