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    • 21.

      Where Have All The Boarder Gone?

      by Tom Lenton - 2008-07-30
      The 70's and 80's American phenomenon of skateboarding subsequently became the fashion all over the world in the 90's, yet it seems boarding may no longer be the 'in-thing' for over eighteens. Out of ...
    • 22.

      Inline Skates Provide Police With Green Alternative, But What Are The Alternatives To Inline Skates?

      by Tom Lenton - 2008-07-30
      Police officers in Miami, Paris and Jakarta are using inline skates, or roller blades, instead of cars or a motor bike to patrol the streets of their city. The inline skates, which usually consist of ...
    • 23.

      Ever Consider Wakeboarding - Some Must Know Basics

      by Chris Jensen - 2008-08-01
      If you love sports and an amazing adrenaline rush, then get up out of the sand and onto a wakeboard. Although this water sport is relatively new, it's rapidly becoming common. All you need is the wak...
    • 24.

      Learn To Wake Board With The Basics

      by Lane "Dawg" Bowers - 2008-11-02
      If you enjoy the beach or live within a short drive to the beach then it is likely that you know about all the different kind of water sports. There is water skiing, boating, para sailing, and wake bo...
    • 25.

      Becareful While Snowboarding To Avoid Injuries

      by Jerald Shapiro - 2009-08-25
      Snowboarding is a fun sport to undertake but it has its risks that you need to be aware of. Nothing would suck more that returning from a snowboarding trip with a broken leg or sprained wrist. There a...
    • 26.

      Performing Snowboarding Tricks

      by Jerald Shapiro - 2010-04-20
      I like the floating feeling you get on quarterpipes, it feels like you're hanging in the air and you can with no trouble grab anywhere on the board. One of the most fun tricks on a QP is the air to fa...