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    • 61.

      The Great Debaters - Oprah & Denzel Bring Black History to the College Campus & University

      by Paul F. Davis - 2007-12-20
      "Debate is combat but your weapons are words." A memorable quote from The Great Debaters produced by Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions and directed by Academy Award winning actor Denzel Washingt...
    • 62.

      Prevent School Violence

      by Mario Palias - 2007-12-23
      School violence is a huge issue within the USA, especially in public schools. It can come in all forms, bullying, drugs, weapons, and gangs. We need to work together to help make schools safer.Ways to...
    • 63.

      Social Commentary - Should We Be Concerned About the Apparent Violence of Our Children?

      by Ed Bagley - 2008-06-10
      Copyright © 2008 Ed BagleyTwo incidents in the United States in recent days have caused me to wonder if we should be more concerned about the apparent violence among our children.In one incident,...
    • 64.

      Anger Management Tips For Beginners

      by Andrew Jamaz - 2008-06-20
      One of the first steps to managing anger is to understand what anger is and where it comes from. There's no need to get upset that you get angry. Anger is a natural human reaction to certain situation...
    • 65.

      In Cold Blood by Truman Capote: Crime, Punishment, and More

      by Philip Spires - 2008-07-15
      In Cold Blood by Truman Capote was published in 1966, and is based on events that happened almost fifty years ago. The events were real. This is not a work of fiction. The Clutters, an appropriately ...
    • 66.

      Domestic Violence Divorce - Lost Mothers, Lied to Children and the Legal Abuse Syndrome

      by Dr. Jeanne King - 2008-08-10
      "Where is your Mom?" asked a little boy to another. The little boy replied, "I don't know." From his point of view, she was lost. She was gone. She left him. She abandoned him. ...And the conclu...
    • 67.

      Family Violence - Cognitive Dissidence and the Puppet Child

      by Dr. Jeanne King - 2008-09-01
      The saddest part of family violence and the legal abuse syndrome is the impact on children, both on them and within them. When a child is severed from their protective parenta silent epidemicl...
    • 68.

      Love And Depression - Visible Warnings In Dreams

      by Christina Sponias-22752 - 2008-09-10
      Dreams about the person you love are very clear, even though most dreams are not comprehensible to your conscience. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams uses a symbolic language in order to ...
    • 69.

      Are Video Games Too Violent?

      by Justin DeMerchant - 2008-09-17
      Through time, a lot of video games have popularized. Many of which have been turned into movies. They normally involve the clash between the good and the bad. Thus, making them violent.By and large, ...
    • 70.

      Should Your Child Take A Stun Gun To College?

      by Derek Wray - 2008-10-04
      As parents, the thought of sending our children off to college should be a glorious and happy thought. We all dream about the day that our sons' or daughters' announce their acceptance into college. W...