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    • 1.

      The Single Most Important Aspect Of Website Promotion

      by Christer Edwards - 2006-12-11
      The question very regularly comes up concerning the most effective ways to bring traffic to a website. What is the single most important aspect for website promotion? Is there just one? Does it req...
    • 2.

      Do Your Niche Research Before Setting Up Your Blog

      by Art Luff - 2006-12-11
      Have you noticed the popularity of Blogs? Cheez, There's a bunch of them out there. It's getting more difficult to tell one from another. Having made that observation, it's pretty safe to assume th...
    • 3.

      Welcoming Visitors to Your eBay Shop

      by Allison Whitehead - 2007-01-26
      Welcoming Visitors to Your EBay Shopby Allison WhiteheadOpening an eBay store is a big step for most sellers. You've probably enjoyed a reasonable level of sales and now you want to take your eBay...
    • 4.

      How To Get the Edge Over Your Competition

      by Femi Yusoof - 2007-02-06
      Just like in business you need to establish your Unique Selling Point (USP), as this will give you an advantage over your competitors. Determining your USP is about identifying your benefits, values t...
    • 5.

      Having Trouble Understanding What Makes Your Business Different? Here's A Simple Exercise That Helps

      by Susan Martin - 2007-03-09
      One of the keys to successful marketing is identifying what makes your business unique and letting everybody know about it. This helps your prospects to understand why they should buy from you rather...
    • 6.

      Analyzing your competition

      by Kelly Robbins - 2007-03-11
      Copyright 2007 A Marketing ConnectionThe who, what, where, when, why, and howKnowing your competition allows you to identify a niche and develop your own unique selling proposition (USP). Clearly de...
    • 7.

      Yesterday's Plants - Today's Medicines

      by Mary El-Baz, PhD - 2007-03-13
      There's a catch phase, "better living through chemistry" used to exalt the wonders of modern medicine to aid man kind. Yet, many of these medicines would not be possible without our medicinal plants....
    • 8.

      Be Different or Be Extinct

      by Scott Campbell - 2007-03-27
      We go about running our businesses 24 by 7. We handle all of the customer issues, we make sure the numbers are right, we coordinate all of our resources. If there's one thing we forget to do though ...
    • 9.

      The Great Marketing Success Secret

      by Shirley Hanson - 2007-03-29
      "The great secret of success is that there are no secrets of success; there are only timeless principles that have proven effective throughout the centuries." These shrewd words are from Brian Tracy, ...
    • 10.

      Stop Selling in the Pit - What's Your Competitive Advantage?

      by Tony Alessandra - 2007-03-31
      As I've traveled around the country over the past several years working with companies and their salespeople, I've been amazed to find that they do not know, and cannot articulate, their competitive a...