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    • 41.

      Why Apartment Rental Prices In Developing Countries Are So High?

      by Sam Vaknin - 2008-12-09
      In most developed countries, the renting of residential property (apartments) provides the owner with an annual income equal to 2-3% of the value of his or her real estate. In developing countries, ow...
    • 42.

      Who Needs The European Dis-union?

      by Sam Vaknin - 2008-12-09
      The current global financial crisis should have been the European Union's finest hour. The countries comprising this much coveted club could have joined to battle the waves of bank failures, industria...
    • 43.

      There Is No Free Lunch

      by Sam Vaknin - 2008-12-09
      During the months of September-October 2008, governments throughout the world took a series of unprecedented steps to buttress tottering banks. In the USA, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Departm...
    • 44.

      The Pricing Of Oil

      by Sam Vaknin - 2008-12-09
      The price of oil is no longer an important determinant of the economic health of the West. To create the same amount of economic output, manufacturers use much less oil than they used to.Moreover, tod...
    • 45.

      Paul Krugman: The Nobelist Blogger

      by Sam Vaknin - 2008-12-09
      The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the 2008 Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel to Professor Paul Robin Krugman (born 1953). Krugman belongs to ...
    • 46.

      No Foreign Banks - A Curse Or A Blessing?

      by Sam Vaknin - 2008-12-09
      The Austrian Erste Bank has just published a report about the state of the banking system in Central and Eastern Europe. Macedonia is not even mentioned. The banking sectors of Bulgaria, Romania, Russ...
    • 47.

      Web-based Employee Development And Training Provides Cost-effective Solution For Businesses Facing Challenges During Economic Recession

      by Dave Shah - 2009-01-02
      With the current state of the US economy including financial bailouts from the federal government, stock market plummeting, and high unemployment rates, the pressure on businesses to be more productiv...
    • 48.

      E-Commerce, Unemployment-The Silent Killer

      by DIANE DAVIS - 2009-01-22
      The first signs of an economic recession in the United States began in December of 2007. In only one year, the unemployment rate has jumped by an unimaginable 1.7 percent. In 2008, more than a m...
    • 49.

      Why Now Is The Best Time To Buy Income Protection Insurance

      by Dennis Haggerty - 2009-03-03
      Insurance Underwriters are getting worried. The drip feed of ever worsening financial news has exposed the Government's previously optimistic forecasts to be little more than political spin. Not such ...
    • 50.

      Business, Supercharging Your Businesses' Staff

      by GARY NEALON - 2009-03-28
      While most businesses wouldn't even be entertaining the idea of hiring anyone in this economy, the small business owners are actively seeking new employees. It talking to one recruiter, he descr...