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    • 31.

      Financial Protection From the Effects of Unemployment

      by Nathan Evans - 2008-10-30
      The bureau of labor and statistics shows that the average worker will be laid off 2.3 times in their career.  That was before the economy had taken this sharp downturn.  The average length of time ...
    • 32.

      Be In The Now, Not In The Dow

      by Colin Tipping - 2008-11-10
      Understandably, people everywhere are feeling that the old paradigm has let them down. They worked hard for years and years in order to create some security for their senior years and for their childr...
    • 33.

      Upsiding The Downturn

      by Colin Tipping - 2008-11-18
      By any standards, we look to be in a bit of economic mess right now and in many ways the future looks bleak and uncertain. If you are in danger of losing your home or your job, you know this only too ...
    • 34.

      How to Recession-proof Your Life

      by Jeri Masterson - 2008-11-27
      With all the doom and gloom in the financial news, how is the best way to make your life recession-proof? At this point I've been laid off four times in my 30-year career, so I have some perspective ...
    • 35.

      Why All The Stock Exchanges Collapsed

      by Sam Vaknin - 2008-12-09
      In the wake of the global credit crunch, stock exchanges throughout the world collapsed in tandem. Why? 1. All of them - from the mighty Wall Street to the puny Macedonian Stock Exchange - have come t...
    • 36.

      The Shifting Sands Of Finance Lingo

      by Sam Vaknin - 2008-12-09
      In 1976, the word "subprime" used to mean: a loan offered to desirable, creditworthy clients with its interest rate set below the prime rate. Within less than 15 years it came to be defined by this ar...
    • 37.

      Notes On The Credit Crisis Of 2007-9

      by Sam Vaknin - 2008-12-09
      The global crisis of 2007-9 was, actually, a confluence of unrelated problems on three continents. In the United States, investment banks were brought down by hyper-leveraged investments in ill-unders...
    • 38.

      How The East Will Ruin The West

      by Sam Vaknin - 2008-12-09
      Car repossessions are up 25% in Romania, as the members of a newly-minted class of consumers are unable to meet their obligations. Austrian, Greek, Swedish, and German banks are exposed to default ris...
    • 39.

      Libya's Cash Is King

      by Sam Vaknin - 2008-12-09
      Libya has recently emerged as the second-biggest shareholder in Unicredit, Italy's number one bank and Europe's sixth largest banking institution, with a massive presence in Central and Eastern Europe...
    • 40.

      Why Some Governments Like Inflation

      by Sam Vaknin - 2008-12-09
      Some governments like and encourage inflation because inflation masks the true situation and makes them look good. Inflation helps to deceive the public and even experienced observers. How?1. As the g...