truth about abs

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  • truth about abs

    • 1.

      Build Muscle Faster By Changing Your Routine

      by Robert Locke - 2007-10-12
      You have reached a plateau - welcome - the air is fresh up here but you are going nowhere or so it seems. Why does this happen? The answer is dead simple - it is that most people almost never c...
    • 2.

      3 Reasons you need to have abs NOW!

      by Houroc - 2007-11-06
      Our bodies are constantly being measured. In gyms, playing fields, beaches and bedrooms all over the world they are measured by others. In mirrors and on bathrooms scales we are constantly mea...
    • 3.

      Fitness, The Truth About Abs- Does This Weight Loss Program Work?

      by GARY NEALON - 2008-09-28
      Excuse my language... but you know what really pisses me off? All of these so-called fitness "experts" that have weight loss books on the market. Every "author" claims to have the holy grail of...
    • 4.

      Fitness, Workout Program Reviews- Truth About Abs vs. Burn The Fat, Feed The Fat

      by GARY NEALON - 2008-10-15
      By no means am I a professional body builder or even a motivated weight lifter, but over the past couple of years I have been motivated to get back in shape. I started researching workout program...
    • 5.

      What Is The Best Ab Workout For Belly Fat Loss?

      by THOMPSON STEPHEN - 2008-12-12
      The answer to the age-old question of "What is the best ab workout for losing stomach fat?" is...None! Ab workouts alone don't create enough of a metabolic response in your body to create fat loss.As ...
    • 6.

      The 3 Best Ab Exercises That Are Not Direct Ab Exercises

      by THOMPSON STEPHEN - 2008-12-12
      Instead of the typical ab exercise routines that we see so often with crunches, situps, leg lifts, etc... I like to give my readers better options for metabolism-boosting high intensity workouts that ...
    • 7.

      Diet Tips For Abs - Fat Loss For A Six Pack

      by THOMPSON STEPHEN - 2008-12-12
      1. Get enough quality protein in the daily diet - not only does it have a higher thermic effect than carbs and fat (so you burn more calories digesting it), but it also creates satiety so your hunger ...
    • 8.

      Your Energy Bar Or Protein Bar May Actually Be Junk Food Cleverly Disguised

      by THOMPSON STEPHEN - 2008-12-12
      You see them all over the place these days... nutrition bars that claim to be healthy and good for weight loss or muscle building, but when you read the label, you see an endless list of chemicals, su...
    • 9.

      5 Tricks To Eat Healthier At Restaurants

      by THOMPSON STEPHEN - 2008-12-12
      Dining out is a big part of most people's lives. Maybe you have to eat out frequently because you entertain clients at restaurants. Perhaps you don't even like eating out. Regardless, if you want to k...
    • 10.

      Potatoes, Glycemic Index Myths

      by THOMPSON STEPHEN - 2008-12-12
      I'd like to start a little discussion today about carbohydrates... and in particular, "white foods" as well as potatoes. One reason I wanted to mention this is because so many health and fitness profe...