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    • 1.

      The Best Butt and Thigh Exercises To Easily Sculpt You a Beautiful Butt and Sexy Thighs

      by Joey Atlas - 2006-12-31
      The first factor that has led most, if not all, women to success with toning up their butt and thighs through exercise is this:Consistency - sticking with their butt and thigh exercise program on a lo...
    • 2.

      How do I Lose Weight Around My Hips, Stomach, and Thighs?

      by Matt Shuebrook - 2007-01-05
      How do I Lose Weight Around My Hips, Stomach, and Thighs? Discover 8 simple moves that will literally reshape your body in less than 8 weeks. How many times in the past year have you casually strolled...
    • 3.

      Why Proper Nutrition is Important for Weight Loss

      by Lawrence Carelse - 2007-01-23
      To successfully achieve your firm butt, lean hips and thighs, you will have to exercise, eat healthy and drink water. It is not rocket science.What is nutrition?It is the good we get from all the food...
    • 4.

      Easy Thigh Shaping Exercises to Make Your Thighs Firm and Sexy

      by Joey Atlas - 2007-02-28
      Thigh exercises with barbells, dumbbells and cumbersome machines. That's all you've been reading about before you got to this article. I know, because I've seen what you've already looked at before...
    • 5.

      Hip And Thigh Exercises For Seductive Hips And Thighs

      by Joey Atlas - 2007-03-01
      A sexy hip and thigh area can help you feel attractive, more confident and happier. Your clothes will fit better, you will attract more smiling lookers and you will enjoy looking at your self, in the ...
    • 6.

      Thigh Exercises - Great Legs Take Work

      by Alexander Sutton - 2007-03-19
      The thigh is a collection of several distinct muscles and muscle groups, including the sartorius, adductor longus, abductor brevis, and gracilis muscles. All together these muscles facilitate every m...
    • 7.

      Leg Exercises - How to Get Great Legs

      by Alexander Sutton - 2007-03-19
      Leg exercises are actually a grouping of motions/actions designed to target several different muscle systems in the legs, most commonly the glutes, hamstring, quadriceps, biceps femoris, leg abductors...
    • 8.

      Exercises for Those "Saddle Bags" on Your Thighs

      by Danna Schneider - 2007-10-15
      If you're a woman, you've most certainly heard of the phrase "saddle bags" which is a euphamism (if you can call it a euphamism) for those stubborn pockets of fat that tend to accumulate on women arou...
    • 9.

      How to Easily Get Rid of Your Cellulite and Quickly Get Sleek Sexy Legs

      by Steve Hochman - 2008-06-14
      Dimples are actually rather cute, that is when they are in the right place. However your legs and butt are not the right place for you have dimples. When you start getting dimples in these areas it is...
    • 10.

      Guide To Building Strong Legs With Thigh Exercises

      by - 2008-06-26
      We use them everyday when we walk and run and play. For most of the physical things we do they cam into play. Our legs play an important part in our daily lives that we must make sure they are strong ...