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    • 1.

      Teak is Made for the Outdoors

      by Steven Cancel - 2007-03-25
      Food, friends, and a good chair are something makes an outdoor party an excellent event. Food and friends aren't hard to find, and good outdoor furniture shouldn't be either. Why just get boring, regu...
    • 2.

      Indonesian Teak Wood Home Furniture - The Keys to Success Are Reliable Partners

      by Ten - 2007-04-30
      Nowadays teak wood is commonly used Indonesia to make doors, door & window frames, furniture, floors & floor tiles, supporting and decorative columns, and heavy beams in houses, temples and bridges...
    • 3.

      Teak Deck Furniture: Not Just For Your Backyard

      by Darryl Walters - 2007-05-23
      In the United States, millions of Americans have their homes outfitted with patio furniture or garden furniture. Many of those furniture pieces are considered teak patio furniture, which is wood furni...
    • 4.

      Buying Patio Furniture? Why You Should Examine Teak Furniture

      by Michael Singer - 2007-05-23
      Are you looking to outfit your outdoor space with new lawn and garden furniture? If you are, you will find that you have a number of different options. Lawn and garden furniture comes in a number of d...
    • 5.

      Premium Teak Patio Furniture at its Best

      by John - 2007-05-23
      If you want something to last, you have to be willing to put in the investment. Nothing good comes cheaply. The same goes for your teak patio furniture. If you are going to have good quality pat...
    • 6.

      Teak Garden Furniture: Improving The Appearance Of Your Garden

      by George Finnerin - 2007-05-30
      Are you a homeowner who has your own garden? If you do and if you are like many other garden growers, there is a good chance that you take great pride in your garden. You may not only spend a large am...
    • 7.

      How To Find Discount Teak Patio Furniture

      by Dan Vianetto - 2007-05-30
      Are you interested in revamping your outdoor patio area? If you are, there is a good chance that you may be in the market for some new outdoor patio furniture. If you are, you may want to take the tim...
    • 8.

      Dining Tables- From The Finest Teak Wood Furniture

      by John - 2007-06-06
      For social entertaining, the first thing you think about is your home. After all, it is your stage. Your furniture pieces are your props and everything comes together. There is no more vital pie...
    • 9.

      Replacement Patio Tables - Make Your Next Patio Table Your Last With Teak

      by Jesse Akre - 2007-06-09
      Cracked. Dirty. Rusty. Faded. Warped. Rotted. Your current patio table sits dejected in the corner. It knows its time has come. Sure we all have starter patio furniture that we absolutely love no ma...
    • 10.

      Is It Time To Upgrade Your Patio Furniture?

      by Tom Houser - 2007-06-15
      We are now at the time of year where people are emerging from their winter hibernation. How does the patio furniture look after a long winter of storage? Did you even remember to put it away before it...