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    • 41.

      Thank-you, Teachers! 10 Innovative Ways to Show Your Appreciation

      by Dr Robyn Silverman - 2008-05-05
      Many schools are celebrating teachers, coaches, instructors, and mentors this month with their annual Teacher Appreciation Week. Whether you're a student, parent, grandparent, or community member, yo...
    • 42.

      Music Teachers Need Patience And Laughter

      by Daniel E. Friedman - 2008-06-02
      Picture this scenario. You've just spent a full academic year training your elementary band for a final spring concert. The rehearsal goes well and all systems are GO. Then, ten minutes before the con...
    • 43.

      Education, How to increase online income?

      by PAWAN SHARMA - 2008-06-29
      One of the easy ways to increase income online is by making use of Google AdSense ads to your webpage. This article will find out some of the various ways on how to increase your income online thr...
    • 44.

      Why We Need Education

      by britneyjohns britneyjohns - 2008-07-03
      Education is like food and shelter. It is considered basic to one's life. While food is for health and shelter for the body, education is for the mind. Education enhances one's knowledge and as the sa...
    • 45.

      Teachings and Traditions Remain, Original Meaning Lost

      by Ariel Bravy - 2008-07-16
      Many years ago a master and his disciples were sitting while the master spoke and shared his wisdom.While he the master spoke, he and his students kept getting distracted by the master's beloved pet ...
    • 46.


      by Steve Morgan - 2008-07-22
      Social media evangelists are in love with Twitter, Facebook, and their ilk because these networks enable continuous "naked" conversations. When I started in the education world in the late 1960s, we ...
    • 47.

      Calling All Teachers! A Guide To Engaging Learners

      by Paul J. Meyer - 2008-08-08
      Everyone has a story about a teacher who changed their life. We spend so much time during our formative years with our teachers that they have incalculable influence on our lives. For me, the teacher ...
    • 48.

      New Orleans Residents Facing Education Crisis Due to Hurricane Season

      by Dr. Stephen Jones - 2008-09-01
      Hurricane season is kicking in with a nightmare storm in New Orleans.  A city that has barely recovered from Hurricane Katrina is being affected by Hurricane Gustav.  One group that is greatly over...
    • 49.

      Advice, How to Fit In At A New School

      by ISLA CAMPBELL - 2008-09-26
      As the saying goes, preparation is everything. Whether you are new to teaching and beginning your first placement or an old hand moving to a new school environment, it's natural to feel nervous....
    • 50.

      The Ipod

      by Bruce J. Gevirtzman - 2008-10-05
      He strolled into the room and quietly laid his books on a desk. Class would begin in about three minutes; soon the teacher would be droning on about something utterly irrelevant to his life. Entirely ...