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    • 61.

      How Do I Decide Where to Place My Tattoo?

      by nlwest21 - 2008-10-26
      Some one smart once said "Choices are the hinges of destiny." Let the choice of where to put your tattoo be a good hinge in the door of your destiny and not a door you wish you could shut.Choosing to...
    • 62.

      Get Cool With The Bird Tattoo Designs

      by David Morin - 2008-10-30
      There are a variety of sources that can inspire some amazing Bird tattoo designs. Try and get idea from some unusual sources. Think of instances when you spotted a different looking bird on one of you...
    • 63.

      In Japanese Culture The Koi Fish Or Carp Is Thought To Be One Of The Most Vital Fishes. This Is Because It Is Always Going From One Place To The Next And Dosent Stop Swimming, Often Moving The Water.

      by Markus Katsuo - 2008-11-01
      The Koi fish is pure perseverance - Koi swimming upstream can be interpreted as showing perseverance because of the fact that the Koi does not "go with the flow". This can show a person how to be stro...
    • 64.

      Butterfly Tribal Tattoos

      by lucy watson - 2008-11-04
      Butterfly tribal tattoos are now famous because it represents beauty, grace, refinement and fragility. There are different sizes and shapes of butterfly tattoo designs that are most loved by men and ...
    • 65.

      Finding the Best Tribal Tattoo Designs

      by lucy watson - 2008-11-04
      Tribal tattoos have been the choice of more and more people these days. This form of body art has been there since the ancient times and it carries different meanings and symbolisms. Nearly 50% of th...
    • 66.

      Religious Tattoos

      by mickeyp0001 - 2008-11-15
      Many people (particularly Christians), are interested in having a religious tattoo on them, and many do so, it is a very popular thing to do. But what sorts of religious tattoos can you have? There ar...
    • 67.

      Best And Worst Places To Get A Tattoo

      by Ashley Ford - 2008-11-17
      The question that I get most often from people who do not have tattoo's is, "Does it hurt?" and the answer to that question is, "Yes." Then their follow up question will be, "What does it fee like?" O...
    • 68.

      The Reverence of Praying Hands Tattoos

      by Robert - 2008-11-17
      There are a lot of meaningless tattoos out there and it's frustrating to see someone with the same tattoo as you have. If you want to go for something rare that only a few people have, you can go for...
    • 69.

      Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

      by Darryl Stevens - 2008-11-20
      Whether you are looking for a tattoo that will simply look good, or you are in a place where you want to find some specific dragonfly tattoo designs that will work for you, you'll find that you have ...
    • 70.

      Choosing Great Tattoo Designs of Zodiac Signs and Religious Tattoos

      by Darryl Stevens - 2008-11-20
      Whether you have the itch to get inked or you are simply browsing until you find a tattoo design that really suits you, you will find that taking a look at symbols that have been important to people ...