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    • 1.

      Welcome To The World of B Paper Mortgage Financing

      by Sergio Haros - 2006-12-06
      Throw out the idea of applying for a home loan. One of the first things that will pop into people's minds is their credit score. After all, you need a great credit score to get financing, right? Umm, ...
    • 2.

      The Death of the Bad Credit Housing Industry

      by R Chandler Smith - 2007-04-09
      Recently the most blogged about issue in the real estate industry, the sudden death of the sub-prime mortgage industry. Ok, that is a tad exaggerated. The sub prime market isn't dead, just much mor...
    • 3.

      The Reasons for the Overnight Real Estate Lending Crash

      by R Chandler Smith - 2007-04-17
      Recently the most buzzed about event in the real estate industry, the abrupt death of the sub-prime mortgage industry. Ok, that is somewhat exaggerated. The sub prime market isn't over, just much more...
    • 4.

      Fed Chief Confirms Housing Predictor Forecast

      by Mike Colpitts - 2007-07-25
      Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke has confirmed the Housing Predictor forecast that more than 2 million homes will be foreclosed as a result of the sub prime lending crisis. In a hearing bef...
    • 5.

      Business Finance & Investment Expert financial bloggers say Bank of America and Warren Buffett will help pull the economy out of t

      by ANDREW RIDEOUT - 2007-08-23
      It is common knowledge that the fallout from the sub-prime lending fiasco has spread to other sectors of the economy and now has America staring over the precipice of a recession. As liquidity ...
    • 6.

      Sub-prime Debt - Who's To Blame?

      by Andy Adams - 2008-02-02
      When people get themselves into a financial fix it's normally through credit card debts or failing to meet mortgage repayments, either way they tend to become desperate and search for money through an...
    • 7.

      Sub-prime Credit Crunch Mortgage Slowdown

      by BradMcAllister - 2008-09-12
      Home loan application approval rates have reached the lowest level for over a decade. The root cause of this is seen to be the "credit crunch" phenomenon being experience in the UK as financial lender...
    • 8.

      Black Monday - Stock Market Crash of October 19th, 1987

      by creditlawgroup - 2008-10-27
      On October 19th, 1987, the stock market experienced one of "...the largest one day stock market crash{es} in history". The Dow went down by a value of $500 billion, or 22.6%. Additionally, the Nasda...
    • 9.

      Loan Modification

      by creditlawgroup - 2008-10-27
      What is a loan modification? A loan modification is when a homeowner and a lender change the terms of the mortgage agreement to new terms that both parties are bound by. There are many different wa...
    • 10.

      The 'walk Away' Phenomenon

      by Andy Asbury - 2008-11-10
      As troubles in the housing market continue, homeowners owe much more on their mortgages than their houses are worth. Being upside down means that homeowners have stopped accruing any equity and that ...