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    • 41.

      How To Make A Grand Success Of Your Party

      by Sarika Kabra - 2007-09-06
      Having seen the basics of selecting a good DJ, let us examine some more of the multitude of options on offer. Here is part two of how to select the right disc jockey for your get-together.Single...
    • 42.

      Tips On Forming A Band

      by Chong HY - 2007-10-08
      If you can play one of the music instrument such as guitar and you are playing alone. Have you ever thought of forming a band by gathering a few music enthusiastic who can play other types of mu...
    • 43.

      Using Music To Calm Your Baby

      by Chong HY - 2007-10-08
      My article published before this mentioned is about the wonderful way that music can release stress. Same for the little one, music is also a wonderful way for to calm and soothe your baby, espe...
    • 44.

      Spinning - A Fun Fat Burning And Muscle Toning Exercise

      by Alan Jacobson - 2007-10-14
      In the late 80s, two cyclists, "Jonny G." Goldberg and John Baudhuin brought a method they had used to train for rigorous bicycle races to the general public. They opened what they called a "Spinning ...
    • 45.

      DIY Music Production

      by Chong HY - 2007-10-08
      Why spend money to do the recording at the professional studio when you can do it at home? Can you produce a good quality work when the professional studio charge you hourly rate? How wonderful ...
    • 46.

      A Recording Studio On Your Laptop

      by Sarika Kabra - 2007-11-22
      Did you ever want your own recording studio, but always thought that this was just not possible given your budget? Indeed, many of the extra accessories are simply too expensive for the average ...
    • 47.

      Recording Studio Dreams

      by Sarika Kabra - 2007-11-22
      Have you ever dreamed of owning your own recording studio, but always thought that this would simply be much too expensive. Who could possibly afford all of those extra accessories, the extra mi...
    • 48.

      Reinventing The Recording Studio

      by Sarika Kabra - 2007-11-22
      There are sure to be plenty of musicians out there who are simply fed up with the music industry today, tired of shelling out thousands of dollars for making their recordings, and getting little...
    • 49.

      Free Music No Longer? the Future of Music

      by Sarika Kabra - 2007-12-06
      There are two truths that we have been faced within in the present day of digitalization. The first is that the love of music is a life-long pursuit. The second is that the love of free music is not. ...
    • 50.

      A Welcome Change in the Music Industry

      by Sarika Kabra - 2007-12-06
      For those among you who love music, the digital age which brought with it the amazing ability to download music was like a gift from heaven. Suddenly the Gods had come down with a magical wand a...