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    • 91.

      Lose Weight Fast By Drinking Water And Avoiding These Foods

      by Jennifer Jolan - 2009-09-23
      You probably know by now that drinking water helps to lose weight, but you may not be doing it 100% correctly. Just make a simple change and your weight loss accelerates. Also, you need to avoid certa...
    • 92.

      How To Lose Water Weight - 3 Tips

      by Jennifer Jolan - 2009-09-23
      If you're retaining extra water weight and want to know how to lose the extra water and stop feeling bloated, then here are a few simple tips to make this happen fast.How to Lose Water Weight1. Drink ...
    • 93.

      Metabolism Tips - 5 Tips To Increase Your Metabolism Naturally

      by Jennifer Jolan - 2009-09-23
      One of the most effective ways to lose weight is to increase your metabolism naturally. By doing this, you burn more calories while doing nothing... you increase your calories "burn rate".Metabolism i...
    • 94.

      Retaining Water? Here's How To Stop Retaining Water

      by Jennifer Jolan - 2009-09-23
      If you're retaining water and looking for a natural way to help minimize or eliminate this problem, then read this article to find out why you may be retaining water and what you can do about it.In mo...
    • 95.

      Secrets To Getting The Sexiest Butt And Flattest Female Abs

      by Jennifer Jolan - 2009-09-23
      Here are a few secrets to getting the sexiest butt and flattest female abs. Jogging and crunches are banned from this discussion, so relax and find out superior ways to create beautiful feminine curve...
    • 96.

      Simple Ab Workout For Females

      by Jennifer Jolan - 2009-09-23
      Here's a simple ab workout for females to develop sexy, feminine abs. Best part is, you can do this at home and avoid going to the gym.Ab Workout for Females1. Vacuum PoseThis is the best ab exercise ...
    • 97.

      The Top 5 Foods To Lose Belly Fat Fast

      by Jennifer Jolan - 2009-09-23
      If you want a top 5 list of foods that help you to lose belly fat fast... without those foods all being fruits and vegetables that leave you feeling hungry... then here are your "secret weapon" foods ...
    • 98.

      Top 5 Foods You Must Avoid

      by Jennifer Jolan - 2009-09-23
      Here are the top 5 foods I think you must avoid for you to lose weight consistently... and keep it off permanently. A few of these foods may surprise you.5 Foods to Avoid1. BreadThe problem with bread...
    • 99.

      Weight Loss Test - Free 20 Second Test Shows If You Can Lose Weight Fast Or If You'll Struggle

      by Jennifer Jolan - 2009-09-23
      Ever wonder if your body is able to lose weight fast or if you're doomed to always struggling to lose weight? Well, here's a simple 20 second at-home weight loss test that you can do to find out. It's...
    • 100.

      How To Achieve Sexy 6 Pack Washboard Abs - Fast!

      by D. A. Richards - 2010-01-15
      There is more anguish over abs then any other part of the body!Everybody wants toned sexy abs with little effort but we know the truth! For years, men and women have dreamed of having "ripped" 6 pack ...