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    • 1.

      Stock Research - Amaranth Hedge Fund Collapse - Friendly Banker becomes - PREDATOR

      by Richard Stoyeck - 2007-02-03
      You might be familiar with Amaranth LLC, the giant hedge fund that collapsed last fall, after blowing up $6 billion of investors' money. It now comes out that the circumstances under which they self-d...
    • 2.

      Due Diligence in Stock Market Investing

      by Tradeopolis - 2007-02-10
      Due diligence, what is it? According to a definition on due diligence is the process of investigation, performed by investors, into the details of a potential investment, such as...
    • 3.

      How Trading Works

      by Tradeopolis - 2007-02-10
      How a system that can facilitate one billion shares trading in a single day works is a mystery to me, so I thought I'd do a little digging and see if I could come up with the general process on how...
    • 4.

      Greed - The Ugly Duckling of Investing

      by Tradeopolis - 2007-02-10
      Ah, yes, that evil five letter word can get one into a some hot water when it comes to investing in the stock market now can't it? I'm sure we've all been there, at one time or another, where the ...
    • 5.

      Executing a Stock Market Trade

      by Tradeopolis - 2007-02-10
      There are two basic ways to execute a trade, on the exchange floor or electronically. With the ever changing technological advancements in this day and age, there is a drive to move more trading t...
    • 6.

      Stock Research - Hedge Fund fraud leads to $160 million Bear Stearns Settlement

      by Richard Stoyeck - 2007-02-20
      It was announced recently that a Federal Bankruptcy court judge ordered Bear Stearns, one of America's top tier trading firms to pay $160 million to investors who lost money with a hedge fund that cle...
    • 7.

      Stock Investing - Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, UBS, and Bear Stearns Swept up in latest INSIDER

      by Richard Stoyeck - 2007-03-04
      In the biggest Insider Trader scandal in two decades, members of four prominent firms were implicated in the developing scandal. The firms included Bank of America (BAC.N), Morgan Stanley (MS.N), UBS ...
    • 8.

      SIP - Systematic Investment Plan

      by H. Crowell - 2007-03-14
      There are very few points that everybody in this world agrees upon. And the stock market unpredictability is undoubtedly one of them. Even people with several years of experience are not always abl...
    • 9.

      Trading Systems - What You Need To Know Before You Buy One

      by Sam Perdue - 2007-04-09
      When traders contemplate purchasing a new trading system for stock market trading, they typically don't consider the cost of ownership. But, there are many things that new traders should consider whe...
    • 10.

      The Modern Way To Trade The Stockmarket And The Differences Between Cfd Trading And Spreadbetting

      by Mike Estrey - 2007-07-27
      The rise of CFDs (contracts for difference) and spreadbetting over the last decade has naturally impacted on the amount of trading in physical shares using a traditional stockbroker. There is no doubt...