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  • stay at home dads

    • 1.

      Stay at Home Moms and Dads; Let's Make Money from Home

      by Judy Taylor - 2006-12-09
      I am always advised by some of my friends and relatives that I'd better to find a job and spend some time out of home. I really don't know why they advise me to do that while they are not happy with t...
    • 2.

      Congratulations on your New Baby!

      by Paul Banas - 2007-06-14
      You have a new baby, and you are a proud parent. Do you sometimes feel excited but also a little nervous about taking care of your new baby? Then you are like most parents. Even in the first days of l...
    • 3.

      Advice For Expectant Dads

      by Paul B - 2007-07-02
      Experiences of a New Dad: Some Practical Advice by Todd Dominey When Sophia was born a week ago today, I knew I was in for quite an experience. Everyone has heard the horror stories of how exhausting,...
    • 4.

      Astronomy for 4-10 Yrs Kids

      by Paul Banas - 2007-07-04
      There is nothing like sitting outside in the dark with your kids and staring up at the night sky. Time stands still as you both ponder the enormity of the universe and your place within it. Poetry spr...
    • 5.

      Making the Solar System interesting for Kids

      by Paul - 2007-07-05
      Killing aliens with the x-box may not be the only way for your kids to step outside the planet. Dads and kids can still share the thrill of a darkened planetarium or the awe of a star-bright nig...
    • 6.

      Why Do Kids Lie

      by Paul Banas - 2007-07-09
      It wasn't me Daddy! You must have heard your 5-year old say that you at some point or other, when you knew it were in fact he who did it. How do you deal with your kid, knowing he is lying to you? Whe...
    • 7.

      Toilet Learning For Toddlers

      by Paul B - 2007-07-10
      Toileting (or using the potty) is one of the most basic physical needs of young children. It is also one of the most difficult topics of communication among parents, child care providers, and health c...
    • 8.

      Dad Advice: Traumatic Birth

      by Paul Banas - 2007-07-13
      The process of becoming a mother involves a certain amount of psychological strain for a pregnant woman. In fact, for some women, childbirth can be as traumatic as life-threatening events such as a na...
    • 9.

      Hey Dad! How Old Do I Have to Be To...?

      by Paul - 2007-07-13
      Go to Disneyland. I took my daughter for the first time when she was 3 ½ and it was a hoot. She walked the place like she owned it. However, she freaked out in Pirates of the Caribbean and made...
    • 10.

      Bring up your baby

      by Paul - 2007-07-24
      Infants at the age of two months tend to show the following signs of development:- They can recognize you.- They take interest in different objects, toying with them at times.- They become good ...