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    • 1.

      Database Corruption While Restoring With Attached Snapshots

      by Andrew Watson - 2008-07-04
      Database snapshots may be defined as the read-only view of the database. They are useful when the database recovery is demanded as you can apply the pages from the snapshots to the source database. Th...
    • 2.

      Character Data Corruption In Sql Server And Mdf Recovery

      by Andrew Watson - 2008-09-04
      While interacting with MDF file of MS SQL Server, consider the given scenarios:In MS SQL Server, you use SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) to query character data from the SQL Server database which ...
    • 3.

      Mdf Corruption Due to Unexpected Growing of Transaction Log File

      by shally spears - 2008-09-10
      In Microsoft SQL Server, every database contains minimum one data file and transaction log file. The SQL Server stores data physically into the data file. The transaction log file of the SQL Server...
    • 4.

      Database Inconsistency And Invalid File Header Problems In Mdf

      by simpson Raid - 2008-11-28
      RAID servers are considered as the most trusted and reliable storage medium. But sometimes, they may also lose all the hard drives, which include your important data, backups and other information. Mo...
    • 5.

      Sql Database Corruption Reported In Dbcc Command

      by Mahi Sony - 2009-03-03
      A SQL database provides solid back end database support to various websites and front end applications. We can easily and efficiently process heavy volumes of database operations using SQL Server. The...
    • 6.

      Sql Server Error 2533 And Recovery

      by Naveen Kadian - 2009-07-23
      Database pages are the basic Input/Output unit of SQL Server. All these pages are marked with an individual 96-byte header. These headers store page metadata such as page type, page number, free space...
    • 7.

      Resolving Error Message Post Ms Sql Database Suspect

      by Adishree Singh - 2009-11-13
      A Microsoft SQL database can be marked "Suspect" under various scenarios, like corruption of database file(s), unavailability of database file(s), operating system is holding a database resource, or e...
    • 8.

      How To Resolve "could Not Read And Latch..." Error Message

      by Naveen Kadian - 2009-12-03
      Data storage space in SQL database is primarily divided into numerous pages. Each page contains a 96-byte header that contains information related to page number, page type, ID, and free space. Corrup...
    • 9.

      Resolving "page Errors On The Gam..." Error Message

      by Naveen Kadian - 2009-12-28
      The metadata structure of Microsoft SQL database is divided into numerous allocation units, such as, IAM (Index Allocation Map) pages, GAM (Global Allocation Map) pages, SGAM (Shared Global Allocation...
    • 10.

      Sql Database Corruption Result In "table Error"

      by Naveen Kadian - 2010-01-19
      A corrupted SQL Server database has many shortcomings, one of them being the unmountability of the database. In most cases, the corruption is caused due to these factors - file system damage, virus in...