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    • 1.

      Opti-logic 600 Xt Rangefinder Review

      by Jerry Taylor - 2007-09-20
      Are you a golf player and looking for a distance calculating device? Then Opti-Logic 600 XT Laser Rangefinder is the best one for you.The Xt series Tilt-compensated laser range finder blends a vertica...
    • 2.

      Venus And Serena Williams: The Finals At Wimbledon

      by Payton Brooks - 2008-10-14
      You could probably call the Williams' family the first family of women's tennis. With both Venus Williams and her younger sister Serena Williams the winners of multiple Grand Slam tournaments, both s...
    • 3.

      2010: World Cup Soccer in South Africa

      by Payton Brooks - 2008-10-14
      South Africa is not exactly one of those places where people plan a vacation and, therefore, with the 2010 World Cup Soccer tournament to take place in South Africa, a great deal is being done to hel...
    • 4.

      Baseball World Series

      by Payton Brooks - 2008-10-14
      When people talk about the baseball World Series, the reality is that, unlike the Superbowl in football, they are not just talking about a single game. The baseball World Series is just that - a seri...
    • 5.

      Collier Shooting Affects Jacksonville Jaguars

      by Payton Brooks - 2008-10-14
      It should not come as a shock that, after Richard Collier of the Jacksonville Jaguars became the third NFL player to be show during the course of eighteen months, the Collier shooting is affecting hi...
    • 6.

      Manchester United England

      by Payton Brooks - 2008-10-16
      When in England, you're likely to discover that Manchester United is to soccer - football to most of the world outside of the United States - what the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox are to baseba...
    • 7.

      Will Mats Sundin Retire?

      by Payton Brooks - 2008-10-16
      There are great sagas in hockey just as there are in every other sport out there. Much like the saga of whether or not Brett Favre would be back in the game this year - and ultimately, even though Fa...
    • 8.

      Nadal Federer Match at Wimbledon

      by Payton Brooks - 2008-10-16
      For those who are passionate about tennis - those who want to watch as the world's best players come together, there are few events that have more meaning than the Wimbledon Championships. Each summe...
    • 9.

      NCAA Football: The Future of the Game

      by Payton Brooks - 2008-10-16
      For those who are fans of football, the idea of not following college teams is not even an option; NCAA football is where the game is really played - played by younger players who are passionate abou...
    • 10.

      Looking Forward to a New Season of the New England Patriots?

      by Payton Brooks - 2008-10-16
      There are folks out there who have strong feelings about the New England Patriots. Some of them love the team - they are still celebrating the Super bowl victories, thinking about the Adam Vinatieri ...