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    • 81.

      7 Surprising Ways To Turn Audience Members Into Clients

      by Cathy Goodwin - 2007-06-02
      You've just received an email from a local business networking group. They want you to give a talk next month. Your first thought: "A great way to attract clients for my professional service."But your...
    • 82.

      A Daring Adventure

      by Wendy Dewar Hughes - 2007-06-07
      "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." This quote by Helen Keller essentially sums up life in the fast lane - although the "fast lane" is not about speed. It's about stepping out of the...
    • 83.

      Improve Customer Rapport With Improv!

      by Craig Harrison - 2007-06-24
      As we look for ways to improve our rapport with customers, clients and prospects let's cast our gaze to improv - improvisational behavior popularized by those whacky folks seen in drama classes, theat...
    • 84.

      Orchestrating your Leadership

      by Craig Harrison - 2007-07-09
      Recently I had the opportunity to lead an orchestra. It's an experience I recommend to all. Admittedly, I had my doubts. With no formal training I wondered: - Would I lead correctly?- Would others res...
    • 85.

      Use Body Language To Persuade

      by Arvee Robinson Intl. - 2007-07-13
      Body Language Tells the TruthEver listen to someone speaking and realize that something about that person just did not ring true? Something about the way he carried himself conflicted with his words. ...
    • 86.

      Learning To Become A Powerful, Persuasive Speaker Is Like Training To Run In A Marathon

      by Arvee Robinson Intl. - 2007-07-13
      After diligently training for over five months to run in the upcoming Los Angeles Marathon, I can't help but notice the similarity between learning how to become a more powerful speaker and how to bec...
    • 87.

      Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

      by vince stevenson - 2007-07-23
      Copyright (c) 2007 The College Of Public SpeakingHow did you feel that first time you were asked to speak in public? Nervous? Overwhelmed? Didn't know where to begin? Fear not, it's perfectly ...
    • 88.

      Which language should I study? (Or in other words, what's the easiest language to learn?) The twel

      by Dominic Ambrose - 2007-07-25
      Students are often intimidated by the list of language course offerings, afraid of making the wrong choice. There are three factors to consider: ease for English speakers, usefulness and persona...
    • 89.

      9 Secrets to Better Speaking

      by Arvee - 2007-07-26
      You're at a huge networking event. Nervously, you glance around the room and see many familiar faces. Some of the faces are new and are even smiling. These are the faces of your fellow club me...
    • 90.

      Fast-tracking Foreign Languages: How To Meet The Linguistic Challenges Of Working Abroad

      by Philip Yaffe - 2007-08-10
      Native English-speakers are increasingly exhorted to learn foreign languages to play a more effective role in globalisation. However, we tend not to learn foreign languages for three very valid reason...